...and the right to bare shoulders, and bare ankles, and even bare a bit of leg, but I'm not sure that anyone should have the right BEAR arms before passing a psychological test.  There are far too many trigger happy people on this planet.
However, if we put them all on one land mass, all at the same time, they can all get trigger happy together....and may the best person, um, win?
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I think baring bodies are preferable to bearing arms.

On our own totally separate land mass? Sounds awesome to me!

On any landmass or afloat, especially if you are completely bare; not just your arms.

An ok idea if no one else was on that landmass.

I'm happy to start a petition so they could have that land mass all to themselves. Maybe their own private island somewhere along the cocaine and heroine shipping lanes? Hell, that ought to take care of a lot of sorry business.

My guess is that the "businessmen" who use those routes to make money would make short work of most of the "gun enthusiasts."

Is that a bad thing?

Mental health test to be able to buy a gun, not a bad idea

And as long as hunters have guns, you should also support the right (indeed, the duty) to arm bears. :)<br />
<br />
The more interesting question for me is how far you are ready to go with this bareness you're advocating?

'Bare Hips Bearing Arms' sounds like a good title for something.

And whom will set the standards for the "phychological test". Have you considered the fact that Genocide has never occurred in a country where the citizens had free access to firearms and that it will take law enforcement officers on the average at least 23 minutes to answer an emergency call for help. I will not trust the defense of my family and myself in the hands of others.

For the record, I didn't say that nobody should have guns. I grew up in a home with guns, albeit for hunting, and I am friends with a number of police officers and army personnel. I understand and accept the ownership/use of guns by solid minded people. It's just those that are reactionary or skittish, or just downright violent, that need to be weeded out from those that could be permitted to own a gun. The psycological test could be devised by a cross-hatch of citizens, including those that are pro-gun, anti-gun, army/navy, psychiatrists, teachers. Surely you agree that there are some people that just shouldn't have guns in their hands?

I gree will almost everything you are saying, and even have seen law enforcement officers that should have never been issued weapons.
Guess it all comes down to trust, I don't believe I could ever trust the government enough to approve a test that did not eliminate almost everyone.

I hear you some forget the beauty right in front of us, I guess some people need a full arsonal to feel all I need around for "protection" is Mr. Louisville slugger, lol :p

LOL ! Agreed sis, its a very good idea :)

Yeah, and let that land mass be far, far away from the rest of us so we can't hear them having their fun!
We have so much to be thankful for in our beautiful countries. Really? We need guns to complete us?!