While I Still Have The Right

Next payday I Hope to buy a automatic shot gun.I hunt but, I only do it with my
Camera.I could never go out and shoot an animal for the "fun" of it myself.However if it ever came down to I gotta eat? Very hungery I could do it.
It would break My heart but Id do it.That aside.I understand The #1 reason why
Our fore Fathers gave Us the right to bare arms.After America won Our independence We were not the world power that We are today.Back then They
understood that We the people were the last line of defence if an invasion should happen.So it should still be today.
Yes.If possible lets TRY to weed out as many sick minds as We can.Get Them the help that they need.If You are a repeat offender of most any crime,maybe You shouldnt own a Gun.However,I dont see Tougher gun laws as an answer!
Not a single shot was fired on 9/11!People are killed almost daily by bombs!
The means for mass murder is almost unlimited.It happens in many ways all over the world! Neither Ted Bundy nor Jeffery Dalmer ever used a gun.
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I understand your comment about hunting, having a shootgun while you are photo shooting may save your life. Wild critters often attack people. Here in Texas, wild hogs have became a major problem. And then there are the Asian snakes.

True, I live just behind Ray Roberts State Park in Aubrey Tx and often run into Javelinas while hiking.

However,the shotgun is more for two legged critters. Most the four legged ones dont kill for the sake of killing.

Gald to see you saying Most of the four legged ones don't kill for the sake of killing, because studies have shown many do. And a good 12 gage shotgun with a heavy load has brought down numerous large animals. In some states it is the only firearm that can be used for deer hunting.

True some do.
At the start of last November,I was on my way to the State Park I call My back yard,
With Two of My dogs for a hike.I do this once or twice a week.My land borders the
park.On The way I spotted a Man on My property hunkered down waiting for a deer. I explained to Him nicely that ther was no hunting on my property and past
the fence was state park,and they arrested and or fined hunters.That I was aware
of He bore Me no ill will and We talked awhile,exchanged names over a handshake and He left.No problem.Yet the next morning I went out side to feed my dogs and found a much older man waiting for Me in his pickup.He got out ,wanting to know who I thought I was to tell His son he couldnt hunt! I try to respect my elders and told him Im no one but ther is no hunting allowed! He kept
ranting until I told him He was starting to **** Me off and needed to leave the property.At this He pulled a pistol out of his coat pockett and said hed shoot Me!
His Gun hand was shaking so bad I was afraid hed shoot accidently! I didnt dare move.I looked the man in the eye and told Him I was suicdel so shoot or get ready to put mustard on his pistol cause he was gonna eat it! Whew He left!
Yea,I still think the 2 legged critters are by far the most dangerous!

Good point.

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