My Cold Dead Body

They can have my weapons when they pry them out of my cold dead hands.

Being someone who does own hand guns. I am for some kind of control.  As in better registration process with better background checks with a mandatory safety class.

I have always believed that part of the process to purchase any type of firearm should include having a registered firearms safety course under ones belt.  For some people who have purchased firearms, I think they should never have been able to get one due to their lack of knowledge on firearms safety.

With the mess that happened in CT and the mass media frenzy and presidency to blame firearms and NOT THE IDIOT who fired the weapons I am completed sickened.

A Washington woman is accused of using her breasts kill her boyfriend after an altercation at their home.

IF they remove my right to protect my family and property from the criminals----> Will they be imposing new sanctions, laws, regulations and registrations for any person that is above a B cup? Does that mean the Government will pay for breast reduction surgery? Hmm...  I would love a free breast reduction!

I am irked... 
SunniL SunniL
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I try to remind people that when the constitution was written that the military was privatized. So while some people argue that guns should be for hunting, when the constitution was written, people were allowed to bare arms, guns, cannons, and even battleships.

well put nobody will take my guns with out 1 hell of a fight if we cant have guns then the police or the secret service shouldn't either there would be no point if nobody has a gun

People like to point to Switzerland as a place where lots of people own guns but have little gun violence but they fail to point out the training and types of people who have those guns.

You are right on the money!

Hmmm....I guess that means I'm a double threat...I have a holster that can fit in my bra for when I'm in a dress or something. It's very handy :).

LOL! Too funny Stella!

Stella, I probably should not think that is as cool as I do! I want a bra holster too!

*falls in love*

ahahah Dot...

That's a link to a site that sells this particular holster. It can also be tucked into one's waistband if that's the preferred carry place. I'm still working on finding a decent garter holster...

ooo! I am far too enthralled with this! (Come on... nobody can say it isn't really cool looking!)


I personally like Steph's idea. Mainly because it is something I could sew. :P And since I have an extreme sensitivity to elastic's, neoprene's, and latex, I would prefer to just make it myself if I still had a need to carry anymore.

It has been extremely handy. You oughtta see the looks on faces when they have me demo that thing in CHL classes now and then. It's super easy to attach, and surprisingly not too awkward if I have to draw for some reason. Personally, I think the shock factor from seeing me reach inside my shirt does the trick.

This is too funny.... I am cracking up. I would love to pull a gun from inside my shirt! I'd freeze frame the look on the person's face

*falls down giggling*
Can we have video please?
Cause ya know, if we can't - it never happened... *giggles harder*

I like Steph's, too. I have one thigh holster that was made for me by a friend who does leatherwork. It's a good piece in theory, but the execution doesn't always work out well since it doesn't have much room to adjust.

Hmmm...I'll see what I can do. I think the next class I'm supposed to help with is the weekend after Valentines. I'll even wear the really snazzy bra if I can arrange for a photographer :).

OOOoOooO! And in exchange I shall email you the pictures of the Squid in his dress blue's when he came home at Christmas! LOL!
I know... not the same eh? HAHAHA! He still looks 12 to me! /laugh!

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