I Would Like To Believe ...

I believe in the ability of each one of us to say what is on their mind, but I don't necessarily think we actually have all of those freedoms all of the time. As Americans, you may have that written in your constitution but you have long since waived that right and have let government and interest groups seriously restrict what is said and done, in the name of capitalism of course.

Not that any free wheeling capitalist country has full freedom of rights in place. You say the wrong thing loud enough, and **** off the people with means, you might just live to learn how short those rights are. And well, the other countries run by communist parties, extremists, religious zealots, terrorists or dictators, try saying what we take for granted in the streets and well, our world starts to look really free!

I think George Carlin fully understood that restrictions we have as a society in the Western world, especially the American experience when he spoke in this monologue about "Freedom of Choice"


They are interesting words that everybody should listen to and understand. You then may come to believe has not yet been completely fulfilled and may to keep fighting for a promise that is slowly being eroded. Remember who owns you before you say what you believe.

DeepForest DeepForest
Aug 8, 2010