Oath Keeper Officer Calls On Brother Cops To Refuse To Enforce Gun Bans

He says the peace officers across America need to stand up and let the people know that they are on the side of the Bill of Rights, and that they will protect the rights of the people. In one of the comments on his video, another officer had this to say:

I'll lay my badge down, stop doing what I love if someone tries to make me do something immoral or unconstitutional. Good video, take care

Oathkeeper151 agrees. He told me that if there were door to door raids for guns against Americans who refused to comply with registration or bans, he would either defend the people with his badge on, stepping between them and the oath breakers doing the raids, or he would lay his badge down on the table and then go join the people in resisting. He loves his work as a police officer, but his oath, and his responsibility to protect the people of his community, is more important than his job. His oath comes first. The rights of the people come first.... and he is not alone.

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These rights were God Given and written into the second admendment to protect us from a tyranical out of control government, as it seems that ours is getting. They pass laws they don't know anything about, they make new ones that are repeats of what is on the books already and contradicts excisting laws. There are a overwheming number of law inforcement and military personel who will never go after citizens for noy giving up there own legally obtained firearms. As Hiddenheart ended "The rights of the people come first....and he is not alone" Well said cuddos.

Simple minds adhere to the letter of the law, but a wise man dispenses justice.
And while i'm thinking about it......A good man is hard to find..,but a hard man is good to find!!!

very true we all as americanian,s have to right to bear arms to protect ourselfs if ppl get out of line or anyone who is a threat to your safetywe all have the right to have self defenselol vinny


thank you