I will not see my kind killed off becues of some retarted war. we need to all come to gater as one. we can show the wrlod what we are and what we can do. with out blood shade. it will herat us all if a fow bad wolves start some thing they cant conterol.It will end with most if not all of us dead. Is that what you want for us to go exstingt.
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I agree with snowcrystal, a war could kill us all, because once the humans figure out werewolves DO exist, they will all panic, then the goverment will deal with it by finding everylast one of us and killing us, and once again snowcrystal is right, wolves dont howl at the moon, they howl to communticate, they only lift their head up like that to get the sound of the howl over trees.

Fortunately not all will panic. I believed for along time that werewolves existed, however, until recently I started to doubt that. Now that i know they exist, I am not afraid, nor am i going to panic....I wish to join them. For along time I have wished WE have wished it. There are many who wish to join if given the chance.

SnowCrystal, i tip my hat to you fine Sir/Lady.

Do you howl at the full moon at midnight?


You DO know real wolves do not howl at a full moon, right?? They howl for communication ONLY... not to just sit and bay at some moon. Granted, the moon is pretty, but wolves howl to communicate.... to other packs, or wolves that have gone out hunting may howl to let the rest of the pack know of a successful kill, etc.


Yes, really. The whole "werewolf baying at a full moon" is nonsense. And you can thank Hollywood for that. :/

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You know, if this is the average IQ level of a Werewolf, im not scared of a "Werewolf" uprising for some reason, considering your spelling i'd think they would accidently fall off a cliff or something.

Eh... do not listen to them. They are all whining about some "war" that is not going to even happen. Not to mention that most of the people on here, well yeah... -coughs- won't go there... -cough-

Anyway, guys... THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE ANY WAR. Sorry to disappoint you. I do not know where anyone is getting the idea of some war.... really now....

Just enjoy your youth (however old you guys really are, because some of you, no offense... act younger than your said age(s) on your profiles), and become one with your inner wolf.

But honestly, enough is enough. Spamming on here, for one, is immature and childish. Is THIS were the next generation of us lies.... if so, I do not wanna be a part of it and will just stick with the friends I do have, and go into hiding again if needed.... -facedesks-

Again... there is NO WAR. There never has or ever will be. If you all continue to assume this I might as well just take my leave. I am not going to try convincing you....

Good luck, kids... in figuring yourselves out... and maybe go back to school instead of posting random nonsense like this....

Teenwolf, you are still a child... literally. You should enjoy your youth and just learn to become one with your wolf. Being young is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, something to be proud of. People often want to "grow up" too fast... and heck, sometimes I wish I could be a naive kid again!

If you are truly troubled by something (a person IRL/hunter/demon), then that is another matter and should be discussed in private with professionals rather than on here. Otherwise, DO NOT DABBLE in such matters and enjoy being young, a wolf, and free. No one is holding you back, you are only holding yourself back.

You are hiding in your own "fear of being found out." Try maybe going somewhere remote and let your wolf run free. Trust me, no animal will laugh at you or call you a freak if you are not around anyone when you do so.

And when TheTruthisExposed was talking about IQ's, he was referring to the older members on here who tend to act like 10 year old brats rather than their said ages.

You are a still youthful, naive (this is NOT a bad thing, but it can get you in trouble. I was naive when I was your age, heck most of us are :) ), and you should focus on school, making friends, going outside and biking and playing... and maybe a GF at some point. And having fun. Enjoy your youth. For now, Adeiu and hope all goes well for you and your wolf.

You know I aint really going to push anymore

You guys dont have pateinces dont you? Really do you have any idea how many people not from this group reads this? And if you are aiming for element of surprise you aint doing a good job of it.

we need as menny crechers as we can git that believe in what we do and maybe thay need to read it to

And then we would have to hide even deeper and this is one thing I don't want like zeck666 said before we need to come together as one