Please Listen

Yes the rise of the werewolves is happening and vampires as well, but it can't. Do you really think the humans will let us walk around without saying anything. For us, vampires I mean, they'll never let us walk about freely. The Ancients don't care though. They will take it by force so that we can feed whenever we like but this can't happen. All creatures make mistakes and we don't forgive easily either but we cannot let this happen. it's not right. Im a vampire saying you need to help me stop us and you cannot reveal yourselves.
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I hope when they destroy the Earth that you're satified with yourself

So what we are suppose to rot under the humans and there world. Most of them only destroy this planet as we, closer to nature protect it. I am not about to hide for the rest of my life. But that does not mean I will expose myself. I simply think it will soon be time to show the humans they are not alone and that myths and legends are reality.

*cough* wrong *cough*

Well, it's not like anyone uses their full name.

I agree. I just don't know how to stop it, as there are too many who go over the top with it now, and the others who fake it.

we just need to do something