im sorry i said i wouldnt do this but i gotta

when they cought our kind they tore flesh off our bodys in 10 places with red hot pincers the broke our arms and legs with a wooden axe then finally killed us by decapitation then burned our bodys

not to mention burned our family alive werewolf or not a werewolf

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Can I just say that, of course I believe you are werewolves, I have met a few, however I am not. Hopefully you will be able to figure out what I am without me saying it, I don't like to talk about it. But listen when I say we are not all bad, if you can figure out what I am. You are treading dangerous territory, I say we aren't all bad, but we aren't all good either. Some will try and most likely succeed in stopping you.


You say bitten by a werewolf. Is it possible for a person that wants to become a werewolf, to find one that will bite them?

I honestly don't think that they are what they say they are, an if they are it's a idiot of my kind, you can't turn someone into a werewolf, terribly sorry for this person's lack of intelligence, not the best of my kind, if at all

*cough* sex with one is a myth.. I am a good example not to sound mean

woah have sex with a werewolf interesting<br />
im writin this one down *writes in note book*