M Attracting Everything In My Life..

Is it possible what you think it will happen everytime according to your wish? as if u r the creator of your life. none of the outer source can influence u..its sound like a theory without any practical use..
But just few days back i came across a book called the Secret..it claims that u can do all this . u don't need any extra supernatural power.it is yr mind, yr thinking power that attract everything in the universe. What u think, u will become like that. it is your positive or negative thought that making your destiny in a subtle level.if u need anytihing, then just think about it vividly, feel it n creat a picture as if you are having that thing, then whole universe will conspire to get that things for u.its the law. N now i am applying this law in my life. its stated to create change around me. I am becoming more positive person now. A feel good effect proceeding around me.it's mesmerizing...
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Welcome to a reality that you are in control of. "The Secret", is the stepping stone to help you understand that we all have the gift of making our world a better place. But we have to start with our selfs and believe what we say. Know that what we say and the emotion that we attach to it gives us the power to bring the universe and its power to us and make wonderful things happen. For our selfs and others.

You might want to watch the movie The Secret as well ... it's really good! There are a lot of good books out on the Law of Attraction (what The Secret is based on) if you want to read more about it. Have fun manifesting!!<br />
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Mary :-)

unless u dont try , you dont achieve , either its good thing or bad............am happy for u (life008).Good luck!

Thanx Merily...