Thank You Universe.

I'm on day 13 of my "Secret" journey. I posted another story on the Law of Attraction group a little while ago, but I haven't done as much research on the law itself as I have read the Secret.
I started reading the Secret after a very painful breakup. It came to me at the perfect time, because I stumbled upon it on the exact day that I decided to focus on positivity and personal changes for the better. With the breakup, I realized all that I was doing wrong. We fought very often, and I feel like the contributing factor to that. I placed responsibility of my actions and my issues on other people, and I expected them to fix me, in a sense. I refused to acknowledge the hurt I'd caused, the negativity I'd created, and worst of all, I took my family completely for granted.
Well, because of this, I decided to use it beneficially to motivate me to do good. To change. To be a better person. And then I found the Secret, which made so much sense to me. I've made a plan, I've made a vision board, and I have been putting my gratitude out in to the universe for everything I already have in my life.
I believe that I will win my lover back. I feel it very strongly, that we are supposed to be together, and this breakup period was merely my lesson in life. To clean up my act and to take back control of my emotions.
It's day 13, and we're in a good friendship. I sometimes have doubts, I get discouraged, and I get frustrated at times. But I've been trying to find ways to put those thoughts out of my head, I have one song in particular that makes me feel positive, so I listen to it on repeat until the negativity dissipates.  I am actively searching for a way to keep the negative thoughts at bay; I want to remain positive and happy, and gracious.
I believe that the universe will move the circumstances in to place to bring me what I want. I feel it and I believe it.
I want to find more ways to say thank you. To give back. I want to continue to increase the positivity in my life.  I want my desires to come to me on the date that I've chosen.
I want the love of my life back.
I have so much more hope for life. And I feel an enormous amount of joy in my life that wasn't there before.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2011

yes. the one thing that I missed in hearing the secret was there wasn't a plan of how to apply it....the had the thoughts, just not the action to get there. Faith without works, right?

Yes.. Universe will definitely work for you...just stay focus..n believe it from your inner best wishes for you..

just came across this story today...wondering how it's working out?