Instant Results

The power of attraction is unbelievable.  Using the idea of a wish board I built a collage.

Within days the people and events in parts of the collage happened.

You may think it coincidence.   But when a goal 4 decades old, happens and the person is even wearing the same clothes as in the picture.

Powerful emotions attract powerfully.
DancesWithDolphins DancesWithDolphins
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2008

I have manifested alot of things myself and it is so exciting..glory be to God. I love knowing how to work this thing and I hope everyone that doesn't know about it will soon learn.

Yes . . . I have read the book and also got the DVD and watched it. I made my Vision Board up 3 days ago. On that board are several things that I want and need in my life. One of the things is happiness (no matter what the circumstances). I put three notes up there in my own handwriting that say "I AM HAPPY." At the time I did that, I was in the pit of despair - thinking (I hope this works) and it has helped SO much already! Now every day on my drive in to work, I say a mantra of affirmations and THAT is working too! Let's all keep our stories updated so we can share and celebrate in the positives of the law of attraction! Thanks for your story.