Be Positive

So my life was horrible, I was going through so much stuff which I'm not going to get into here cause that's a whole other story. So feeling so down and bad thinking I have the worst luck in the world, I decided to start reading this book. I started to think positive and good things started to happen to me, I started saying there is no such thing as bad luck and than stuff started to turn around for a bit. Than I kinda let myself get the best of me and stopped thinking about it and just let it go and than bad stuff started to happen again. I got stuck in the snow, had no money for a tow, had to borrow some, four hours later at 6am I got home drenched and frozen. It was just so bad, and a few weeks before that I hit rock bottom, and didn't know what to do with myself. The next day after the whole snow thing I thought that I need to think back to how I did, I read the summaries from the book and went to work. Everything went fine and I was in a good mood and nothing seemed to go wrong. Since that day I got a letter from a really good job opportunity saying that I got an A on the test I needed to pass to possibly get an interview for a government job with weekends and holiday off, good benefits, and ten thousand more a year than what I make. Now I just say to myself "When I get this job" instead of "if I get this job". Good things are heading my way.
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Thanks, never got that job. Been letting lots of things get to me too, but I'm still trying to get back on track. Had a pretty good day today after a really bad one at work, so that went good. That's cause I said it was going to be a good day and went in to work thinking positive.

Congratulations, and it's good to hear how it's helping. Keep it going.

I'm glad you commented on this, I need this to remind me of the way I need to be, sometimes I lose focus, like as of lately. I'm planning on getting bak on track, thanks.

practice more!

That's what it's all about . . . the LAW of attraction! <br />
Wonderful! Keep re-reading and make a Vision Board . . . <br />
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