Happiness Makes Things Happen!

I came to a new thought conclusion today and wanted to share it with my positive vibes friends...

I think it is interesting how similar the words happy and happens are.  And I started to realize that when one is happy, one can make things happen.

I think happiness attracts happenings....

what do you think?


p.s.  I'm going to post this on "the positive vibes" experience as well as that is all about the law of positive vibes... 

DancesWithDolphins DancesWithDolphins
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11 Responses Mar 3, 2008

lol... know its working. try to see the positives in the situation.

yeah, DwD...I know how it works :-) <br />
Thanks. I do that very often, many times a day...but still, things seem to be getting worse. Either way, I am still happy to be here, though :-)

A friend introduced me to the concept of a *Gratitude Journal*.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure if it is what you are talking about here, but what I do is record the things which I recognise as blessings in my life. I do this daily, for even the so-called little things, like my cat sitting on my lap and purring affectionately when I had been feeling lonely.<br />
<br />
It works for me, and I happily share it with you.

Hey BrutMystik!<br />
<br />
Its been sooooo long. I hope you are well. <br />
<br />
Spend a few days knowing that life is good and that you are happy and fulfilled. See the little "blessings" in your life, enjoy them as they come.<br />
<br />
In a few days you'll be so surprised at how much goodness is already there, and how much goodness you attract!

Hey, Dances! I think you may be on to something here...I have heard of this book and concept. it seems to make sense, however, I have to say that it has not worked very well for me so far, but I guess there is still time...

To be positive... I think its easier than you anyone thinks. Being positive must be the most easy and powerful thought. And it makes good things happen!<br />
<br />

LOL.. I have been working on this theory for about 5 years now! To date it works for the most part, but it is a lot more difficult than you can imagine. I resolved to only say and think positive things about every person and every situation. As you can well imagine, that is nearly impossible, so sometimes I find myself making up ridiculous excuses for certain peoples behavior, it helps. You would be shocked at how many times a day you are negative, my sister gets very irate if someone is playing their car radio too loud. She was grumbling and griping about it one day so I told her about a friend who is deaf and turns the stereo up loud just so he can feel the base. I told her maybe that person was deaf too and maybe she should feel sorry for them. She said she highly doubted it, and I said well then feel sorry for them because they soon will be. The point is it gets difficult to stay positive, most people will try to stop you. BUT... if you make a game of it... that you can stay positive no matter what..... it can be fun! Or at least drive the negative person nuts!

well i dont know if happiness makes happenings so much.. but i know that when i feel like im doing something with myself i get on with people more...

You are wonderful! Thanks!

Great! Anything with a positive focus is always a good thing. I have to go back to the book again, as my past week or so has been a challenge with keeping "up." It is so nice to hear from you again Dances. I totally agree with your analogy. How great of you to correlate the two. Perfect pairing!

I have also started reading and practicing the Secret and it is working.. I find it hard to keep telling myself not to think negative, I catch myself doing it and of course then the negative happens... but I keep on trying, wish I had read the Secret when I was a lot younger..