Don't Stop Believing!

I read the book the secret a while ago and never really thought much of it. I tried to apply it at first, but it didn't really work for me. Then some stuff happened to me and my life was kinda going downhill. I randomly picked up the book the Secret again about a week or two ago. I read it and this time I applied the stuff it said, and it really works! My life took a 360 degree turn for the better. Heres the stuff that has happened to me in the past 2 weeks:
- Ive passsed all my quizzes with a 100 percent
- Im going to Disneyworld to see the new Harry Potter land that Ive been wanting to see for the past year!
- Im going camping with my best friend
- The guy that I like, likes me back
- My relationship with my family has drastically improved
- I got a fortune saying "expect great things because great thins will happen to you" and they did happen to me :)
- People see the difference in me and they are attracted to me by the positive energy I put out. I make others smile and in return they make me smile back. I love my life and this book has really changed my life. It really works and for all the people on this website that posted their inspiring stories. Thank you, you guys inspired me to not give up and so for all the new people my word to you if don;t give up. Theres alot of positive out there for you to still see and do and you can change and do it! Good luck! :)
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It works. Don't stop believing.

I have been reading it and totally LOVE how you are seeing that the "law of attraction" has changed your life; good for you!!!

That is excellent! I had a similar situation, I skimmed the book a few years ago and thought I understood it and was disappointed when nothing turned out. I was going through a lot of difficulty last year and one day the idea popped into my head to look at the secret again, something I hadn't thought about in quite a while. I looked on netflix and there it was, so I watched it for the first time and it really changed my outlook. The very next day, my husband was impressed by the change in my demeanor. I have had my ups and downs since then and about a month ago I wanted the book so I could keep it as a reminder everyday. I kept thinking about it and one night we randomly stopped at half priced books. I thought while I was there I could just see if it was there. There was actually 3 copies, one was just 1 cent cheaper than the other 2. I wanted to know why, the other 2 were used but this one looked brand new. I opened it up and found "Open your mind and choose to be happy =)" written on the inside. That one was the one for me.

Thats so cool! :) I hope everything works out for you and best of luck!

thx for the advice , i will try them , i really want to be positive :)

im very happy for u , but to be honest i find some difficulties of thinking positively what should i do ?

Just change your attitude. I know I used to be a very negative person, but instead of looking at the negative aspects of a situation- look at the positive aspect of them instead. Even if a situation seems really crappy- remember each situation is to help us grow and learn so that is a positive aspect in itself. ya kno? :) Sometimes I catch myself judging people and if you do that and notice that you are judging someone badly stop yourself immediately and think about 3 good things about them instead. It's really weird stuff but it helps me become a better person and I like being positive rather than negative. :)

I am very happy for you! I think I will read this book too.

It's really good. At first when you read it, you're going to think its weird, but it makes sense. :)