The Secret Process

I first heard about the Secret in 07 and really liked it. I didn't have the finances to buy the book at the time so I skimmed through it at the bookstore. I was disheartened when it didn't work like I had wanted it to and I gave up. FFWD 4 years and a lot of my life had changed and I once again was in a terrible rough spot. I was walking and talking to God/universe/myself about the things that was upsetting me. I don't know where it came from but "The Secret" popped into my head. I hadn't thought about it in ages. I had never actually seen it either.  So I thought it was interesting that I thought of it and perhaps I should just check and see if maybe it was on Netflix. It was! I watched it and immediately realized why it had not worked years ago. There was so much I didn't know from just breezing through! I was not aware of the visualization or gratitude or believing. I was also able to realize where I had manifested certain situations in my life. It was amazing. I have had several positive actions come about since the end of last year because of it. It is a struggle through to be positive. I'm in a very challenging situation at home so that makes each day a case of its own. The important part is I feel hopeful and remember that I can dream as much as I want to - dreams are free! If I believe, act accordingly, am grateful, and live in love then I can have anything I want!

Also, when I'm feeling down or frustrated, a good tip for me is to go to the website ( and read the secret stories and use the tools provided. It has made a difference. 
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