Attracted Something Before I Even Knew About The Secret

In February 2009 I was gonna turn 17. One of the presents I wanted for my birthday was a beige jumper with a V-Neck. I remember I was so sure I was gonna buy it (with my parents' money) that I started to imagine myself wearing it and being seen in it by my friends. I loved thinking and imagining how good I would look in it, which made feel excited about it. I didn't know about The Secret back then. Anyway, in the end, can't remember why, but I didn't buy the jumper. I got all the other presents that I asked for, but not the V-Neck beige jumper. I never even got to tell my parents or anybody that I wanted this jumper.
Then, around July 2009, I arrived home after shopping in the supermarket with my mom. I still didn't know The Secret back then. As I was going to my room, my dad said to me "I got this jumper as a present from work, but it's too small for me, maybe you want it." I said "Show me it." Then he went to his wardrobe to get it, and when he brought it, guess what, it was a V-Neck jumper, beige, brand new, and it was exactly like the one I imagined and felt I would have back in February 2009. It was the perfect size for me. Needless to say, I kept it. It was good quality too, it was from ZARA. And it came to me for free, neither me nor my parents spent any money on it, as it was a present given to my dad at his workplace.
Afterwards, in October 2009, I found out about The Secret, I watched the first 20 minutes of it on YouTube, and I bought the book and read it. Needless to say, I then understood how I attracted that jumper to me, and I got happy and excited, because knowing The Secret, I knew that I would now change my life for the best.
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May 14, 2012