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I have learned about the secret when it was first on Oprah. It works so good that its scary sometimes. What I've found to work the best is acting like you already have it. Just like children play and make believe that their somebody else (superman, a puppy ect) thats what we must do. Sometimes I walk around so excited about my new car and I see it parked outside my house when it isn't even there yet. Another thing wake up grateful, throughout the day be grateful. What I learned from someone is that, everything around us someone was kind enough to make for us. For example the floors we walk on in our homes or the t.vs we watch. So I go around as I walk on the floors and touch the walls and say to myself wow someone took the time to make this for me, thank you. And that just raises my vibration.

Anything to make you feel good at the present moment will make good soar to you. It will come to you in many ways and it just gives you more to be grateful for. Its all about feeling good right now..really feeling it though.  Another thing is vision boards or even making your own movie on windows media player. I made a great movie of all the things that I wanted cars, house,, friends, relationship, vacations, money everything I could think of  from images on yahoo and saved them to my computer and made it into a movie complete with music and affirmations. So that I can replay it over and over and  feel as if it is already mine. good website It has alot of good info. It has incredible testimonials and visuals for attracting money and to start your day right.

Its very simple and fun. I would like everyone to go on a 21 day secret challenge to prove to themselves if it works or not. We can all encourage each other and motivate each other to think positively and bring more wealth health and love into our lives if your up for it comment me and we can all start at the same time.

 If you have any questions message me or comment me. Thanks!!  Have fun attracting all that you ever desired. Best wishes.

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Hey,I have also been really loyal and following the secret for 8 months now but not a slight of an change has occurred in my life.Apart from feeling happy and joyful have you earned something for yourself?Because i think its fool of myself to be joyful when the situations are opposite.

I've ben watching the secret for a while and it hasn't worked for me. maybe you can help me and steer me on the right direction. my life is going on a down hill spyro

I've ben watching the secret for a while and it hasn't worked for me. maybe you can help me and steer me on the right direction. my life is going on a down hill spyro

Well i read d secret n ws seriously suprised !!!!!<br />
at d moment i really want it to work....!!!<br />
cumin straight to d point...i believe in havin alot of frns bt i really want a bestfrnd who is as close 2 as a sister..!!!!!i knw v can manifest money,job,car bt can v really manifest such deep frndship...n in 21 days???????<br />
i maself giv 100% in ma frndship....n i really want a bestfrnd wid whom i cn share everythin and really count on..!!!!<br />
cn it really happen..!!!!!!??<br />
i did everythin.....i asked....i believed....i. visualised.!!!!bt hw cn i act as i already hav it???<br />
Plz if ny1 can help me den it would b really gr8...since i hav been a an introvert and a lil lone person bt i wanna change it all..!!!!<br />
plz help

I'm a firm believer. And at first it's kinda scary even when things you think about come true. But now it doesn't scare me anymore. It works in even small things. Like last year I needed a new cell phone plan and was thinking I need to find a new solution and get a better plan with a different company. And sure enough some days later the company I work for offered to pay my phone bill every month, they bought me a new phone and have unlimited text and minutes. I was having issues with my old car and decided I needed a better car because the old one had too many issues. Some weeks later I got a more dependable and comfortable car. 2010 Nissan. I also wanted to go back to school, be able to dance more and make new friends and now I have that. This year I believe and know I will start selling more online to supplement and make extra money.

i have been following secret for past few months but beside getting result situation is same..i was so excited to see it, read it but its not working for me

I am glad to see you reading this information. You were attracted to it because you have been having some thoughts along this line or you would not be here. It all comes down to the three basic laws of the Universe made reference to. <br />
The Law of Attraction of course and the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing. When you learn these as this story posted here indicates you will have results as this has been intended to be all along. Life was meant to be fun and not what it has been made onto or is portrayed by the press. It is way better.<br />
<br />
Once you get the memo you will never be able to go back to what you were doing before without KNOWING it does not have to be the way it has been and if you want it different than you have been experiencing then you are the only one to control your true out come, no one else.<br />
<br />
With no more than is posted here you can change your life for the better with only this much information. Yes there is more detail but go with what you've got and enjoy!!!

Sorry about the rambling..but had to want to know about the 21 day secret challenge because I am a believer..

This is random, but have to share..I have a vision board on my computer. When I was creating it, I laughed and felt there is no way this will work...but I was an avid cigarette smoker, started at the age of 16 and am now 41. Feburary this year I created my vision board to say "I no longer smoke cigarettes"..I laughed when I created this..but 3 weeks later..I couldnt understand who I was the next 3 days I chose not to smoke any more,,and after all these years from the age of 16 to now 41..I no longer smoke cigarettes..3 days and I quit..I can be next to a smoker and dont even want one..all started with "The Secret", positivie thinking, and a vision board on my computer..believe and you will recieve..I wrote it on the vision board as if it already happened and after all these years of being a smoker..I quit smoking in the bl<x>ink of an eye! Now I need to focus on other parts of my life so they too can become reality..if I can stop smoking, with no regrets..anything thing else and everything else is possible..

im reading the book right now....... and im pretty positive about this....<br />
i would love to try and apply the secret to my life........<br />
i want to loose weight,im obese....will 21 days help me?

Thnkyew for sharing you greatfull..may the joy be wid yew..for now and for always

I LOVE your idea about putting my vision board on my computer. I am going to start that right now. Thank you, I am grateful to you!

how does this "Secret" work???

I've just discovered it's existance. My sister gave me the book and dvd as a christmas gift. I was amazed just by the dvd. I'm still learning and I'm wiling to try it because I have to turn my life around. Can believing in the 'Secret' change my life? I have been so down over the past years and lost loads of weight with worry, I need help. <br />
I read your story and it inspired me so much, I have began to become grateful for all that I have and know that I deserve a better life. I really believe that the 'Secret' can teach me the great things that life has instore.<br />
p.s.<br />
I am grateful to you for sharing your story and encouring us to go forward.. Peace and love!

i'd be willing to try it for 21 days. my biggest issue is financial. we had started our own business and it got tough for quite a while. well now that it is picking up, it is still impossible to pay the past due stuff: delinquent taxes, credit cards, late mortgage payments, etc. that is what i would like to tackle 1st if i can get the secret to work for me.

Wow, I love your post! I've watched the secret a few months ago and it really gave me hope and inspiration. But the dvd we had went missing, and so now I'm searching the net for tips about it. Also, I don't know if it's really true or not, But I choose to believe it, i love posts like this which give me hope that it really works. I feel trapped right now in my current situation and the only way out is the secret, actually it helped me once already-the first time i watched it. And now-i'm kinda pressed for time, i really wish for this something-but it's a very big thing. I really want me and my family and friends to migrate to canada. it's sounds so random and impossible-i'm trying so hard to believe in it and act as if it were there. Actually,it's not so random because I've been wanting to migrate ever since, my aunt lives there and there's really nothing for me here,i'm just miserable and am trying hard to ignore it. My best friends will leave the country next summer. It's sad coz i've been wanting it since years ago. problem is, how would my parents decide to move? it's a big one,isn't it? I hope they get some kid of irresistable offer. I know my answer is long, and i'm sorry-but i'm really desperate right now. i experienced the secret works for little things, but this thing i want is kind of really big? So my question is, would it work for 21 days like you said? If it would,it'd be such a miracle wouldn't it. I have really big dreams too, and right now i really want to go there. the closest i got to migrating is that my mom wants to move to a different house,and that's saying something right? is it, i'm sorry, but i really need advice. thank you. this is my email add:, you can reply to me there. thanks a lot. i loved your post.

That's what I call "Subconcious Mind Power",and I've been practicing it for years,and have used it to obtain money,cars,and homes. It works!