There Is A Fundamental Flaw In "the Secret"

As many of you have 'understood' and tried the Secret , all of you should realize that is there is something missing in the whole Secret technique. The steps they say is :
-1 Thoughts,focus only on what you want.
-2 Visualize and Feel,feel good.
-3 Believe ,receive , feel as if you have already received.
In a sense when you say " I want a BMW X5 " and do all the steps above, no matter how much you do it , you are still very much away from the actual manifestation.
All I ask you is to do is to find the missing link and share it with us. use your judgement and ask yourself " on a scale from 1 to 10 ,how much the Secret works? . For me it's 3-4 points only. Do comment and evoke peoples thoughts.
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5 Responses Nov 14, 2012

it works 10/10...101%

Really ? Still in the receiving stage?

always :)
I got the exact job , the exact guy(mind u my description was really out rare)...and now we are getting married, my health back...I am perfectly healthy now...while b4 I had so many dangerous problems, then again a new job like I wanted, I used it for my friend... who wanted to marry a guy.. it worked as well....another friend who wanted better salary.....

I also used it get a glowing skin completely spotless...while before I had hyper pigmentations......n guess ppl just praise me for my glowing skin

I think u are missing out on the main step due...."Believe"

Hope this helps :)

Right when you say there's a flaw in The Secret, it reflects you didn't believe in it with all your heart. and when you don't believe, you don't receive.

Maybe you just read the book and felt good. You'll realize soon

The fundamental is only flawed in the practitioner. What we fail to realize is that each one of us has a garden, which is the subconscious. Whatever has been planted there intentionally and unintentionally will grow. So if many weeds are there, such as the formative years of programming with scarcity, "We can't Afford that," "Money is the root of all Evil." Rich people are therefore evil. All of those seeds planted and fertilized by all the negativity in the world will prevent you from ever going anywhere with any secret if you do not address the roots in your garden. Affirmations are not enough Read **** Joe Vitale's Attacking Money Now for 7 steps to weed out your garden. Iti s a free download at Also, T. Harv Eker's, Millionaire Mind. You can't change just your direction. A tree only grows and thrives when it has a healthy root system. The leaves need the roots, not just the sun. The fruit is the byproduct; the process is where the real magic happens.

What does life of sales mean?

The part you are missing is that this is actually an enhancement to the life of sales. Without the underlying and driving force of the process of selling, the rest of this is something like your "BMW X5" minus an engine. Good luck.