The Cancer Went Away!!!

Hi all i wanted to share my amazing story with you all.

I discovered the seret a few months ago and begun to use it in my everyday life. I created a vision board wrote cheques etc. I wanted to believe it was all true but something was still telling me that this is all hocus pocus.

Well, shortly after i started praciticing the secret my cousin and dear friend of 26 years informed me she had skin cancer. This devestating news came just 10 weeks before her wedding and for a 26 year old nurse just didnt seem fair.

She was told she would need a large amount of tissue removing and 4 weeks prior to the wedding she ahd a serious operation to test if the cancer had spread.

There was no better time to practise the theories behind the secret. So everyday when I showered I thanked the universe for heeling her and removing the cancer from her body.I put out feelings of grattitue for her 100%healthy body!
I refused to admit she had any form of illness and would only speak of it in the past tense, as if it had already gone.
The most powerful practise I used was playing once or twice a week to myself the song that I knew she was walking down the aisle to. I would sit,I would listen and I would imagine her receivieving the results of an all clear a day or two before her wedding. i imagined her walking down the aisle and felt the feelings of how I would feel knowing that she was 100% healthy.

Now doctors in the UK are supposed to give you an appoinment to give you the news of results whether its good or bad and 2 days before the wedding the entire family assumed we would not find out before the wedding. NOT ME! I knew in every part of me that she would be stood there on her wedding day in perfect health. I continued to feel these feelings.

24 hours prior to her wedding we were heading to a spa for some relaxation. There, in the lobby of the spa her consultant rang her to tell her she had the all clear. Completely out of process for a doctor to do but he did. Im sure you can imagine our happiness.

She married the next day in perfect health and the exact picture i had thought of her wedding day happened as I had thought of it in my head. The most imporant part of all fo this.....I still to this day say thank you for this when in the shower. I still feel that same gratitude I felt when I begun the process.

From that day on I have no choice but to believe that my thoughts made those events happen the way they did. I am now using the secret in my everyday life and i always will. I know that amazing things are coming my way because I am attracting them.

Thankyou for reading.

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