I Want My Ex Boyfreind Back

will the book secret of life help me bring my boyfreind back to me, even if he dont bleave in god? i love him soooo much, and i know he likes me but we just broak up and iwant him back can some one help me :(
crayon1990 crayon1990
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

have you heard becarefull what you wish for, i know the feeling, but when my ex came back it wasnt to start over like i thought it should of been, he just wanted to come back to hurt me not love me and be happy he lied the whole time about everything he would becarefull about things and then he would do and say things he knew would break my heart, it took me awhile to get over him finely heal from that broken heart to this day i still feel something for him but i would never ever let him back in my life, so when its about taking your EX back think twice and long and hard

Its my gurantee he will be back to you. Even i have experianced the secret.

If you want to know add me on facebook

aslo im not giving up hope, i love him soo much