Completly Believe It

When my one of my sister send the CD to me I thought it was going to be movie, so hubby and I sat up in bed in anticipation.  We both looked at each other with mouths dropped open once it started.

Had no Idea what it was about, but something inside me started to feel something very strange. I'm pretty preceptive so I listened and this feeling was just so pure like it was telling me this was TRUTH!

It blew my mind, literal I could not believe how this simple concept could be so life altering and went hand in hand with my religious beliefs.

I read the book and have since discovered more and have loved the changes in me and my husband, it made our already great marriage better.

I think the biggest thing I gleamed from it came from the book, it realizing that we are like radio towers, sending signals that have an actual frequency..  These frequency's are like magnets, what we put out goes out into the world like a radio signal things that are on the same frequency are attracted to it, attach themselves to it then come back to where the signal came from.  Therefore when you think on a high frequency; good positive thoughts, positive images etc, good comes back to you.

I love the secret and grateful I have this knowledge.

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3 Responses Sep 14, 2008

I have not read the book or seen the movie. I of course have heard about it. It is interesting that the radio frequency analogy is used here. The "ancestors" talk to me while I am on "spirit journey", another way to say I hear voices that appear not to be my own inside my head while I'm stoned. They used the radio frequency concept with me as well. Also they showed me a vision in which the Earth has a giant spherical mirror surrounding it. When emotion or thought is projected outward from your mind, it is reflected back to you and others. I no longer think it odd that others have heard of or seen this same analogy. I know it to be true. It is the collective consciousness of all life in the universe. This so called life is not life but death. We are trapped in an illusion. We believe we are physical beings on Earth. This is not the case. We are beings of Light trapped in an illusion. <br />
<br />

The book can be found anywhere and the DVD is at blockbuster. I recomend watching and reading both but we watched the DVD first then read more in the book, you won't regret it all all, it changed my life and how I see things.

I haven't heard of this but I am intrigued to find out more, will do a search on internet...