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Have you heard about The Secret? I first heard about The Secret on April 26, 2007 and if you haven't heard about it do an Internet search on "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction" because it has changed my Life. I feel that believing in and practicing this new way of thinking has been a turning point in my Life.

I have watched "The Secret Movie" and I highly recommend that you watch it too; it could change your Life. By reading several books The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Ask and It Is Given and by studying articles about this new way of thought I have changed my negative way of thinking into a more faithful and powerful way of Positive Thinking.

From the cover of the book The Secret: "Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries."

 The power of The Law of Attraction: What you think about and really focus your thoughts on is what you attracted into your Life.

I believe that God's the Creator of the Universe and that The Law of Attraction is God's will being done in our lives by Him showing His favor on us. Is it that I don't understand that God and the Universe are One connected to all living things by some unknown link? Or by His Holy Spirit? I feel it is God's love that connects everything as One unto Him. I am going to continue to have faith in God and His control over the Universe.

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SunnyKris and Crackers, I meant to thank you for your advice. <br />
My life has been changing for the better since I've started to change my way of thinking. Almost all of the positive statements I had written down for myself are starting to happen in my life. My financial situation has greatly improved. There's more peace in my home. My relationship with my husband continues to improve each day. I no longer feel as depressed. I am learning to accept myself as I am. I am so thankful for it all. <br />
Somuchtosay, what's helped me so far is doing some reading on learning how to love and accept myself as I am. Then I can start to feel more positive about everything else as well. Also, when I catch myself thinking something negative, I immediately change it and say a positive thing to myself. It's healing time!

this book changed my life as well, but I find myself going back to the way I was. I'm finding it hard to focus and keep myself on track. Is there anything that anyone does particularly to keep focused?

There is absolutely no doubt that it works. It is a universal law just as gravity is. The practice one must take is ongoing and never ending. Becoming the master of your thoughts is a ongoing work in progress. Use your feelings to gage your thoughts and then change them if they are not appropriately making you feel good. Move to the thought that feels good! Like attracts like. So think about what you like as much as possible. Good luck!

try starting with listing the things that you are grateful for, lily. i often go thru the alphanet; I'm grateful for anime, I'm grateful for brownies, I'm grateful for my cell phone... you get the point. and i always say the words I'm Grateful first. do it aloud if ya can... also, there is a message board called The Secret Friends where you can join and leave and receive messages about your Secret journey. it is

I have watched this movie and I agree with you I do believe that <br />
if I can change my thoughts around, it will probablywork. It's easier said than done. All my life I've done just the opposite of that. So it's taking me some time to do this. So far I've written done some positive thoughts of what I want out of life down on paper. Do you have any other advice of what I can do to turn my thoughts from negative to positive?