The Secret: Technology

The amazing thing about inspiration for writing something is I never know where it's going to come from, like today "The Secret: Technology." I was reading an Email from wxpnews and this article: inspired me to write this review that could have been the end of the story. I could have put the review in my Blog and called that my entry for today and been done with writing for today.

I wanted to tell you about two things that have happened to me; regarding The Secret, the Law of Attraction and if you haven't heard about what I am talking about watch the Movie. I am reading a new book and visualizing your desires is part of the manifestation process of making the Law of Attraction work for you, I know it sounds strange but let me tell you what happened to me.

I desired a RAZR cell phone since they started selling them (The way people wanted the iPhone) the only thing was I couldn't afford one. My wife was on the AT&T wireless page and they had a special on the RAZR for free with a mail in rebate and she order one for me, today the price is $49.99 with the rebate. My other desire, that some how miraculously manifested in my life was an iPod and this is from my Blog entry: " I received an Apple iPod nano as a complimentary gift from one of the local business establishments in the area and I have been loading some of my CDs into iTunes."

Call it a coincidence, call it Luck, call it whatever you want; I believe it was the Law of Attraction and the visualization of my desires. What I associate the Law of Attraction with is God's way of communicating His will to us and allowing us to have the things that we desire. Now I don't expect you to believe that I can actually visualize things into my life but I am visualizing this check as I am writing this from this entry. Me writing about "The Secret: Technology."

This story/entry is from September 26, 2007 and the links won't work here but if your interested in following any of them I am posting this in my Blog here at the Experience Project.

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2 Responses Oct 17, 2007

Did you just visualize these things you wanted or did you make a vision board? I am glad that it is working for you, have you visioned anything else that you wanted in life and recieved it yet?

that is awesome, Jeff! way to attract your dreams!