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I Loved It..understood It..and Practice It:)

Completely new way of seeing things, I loved The Secret...though as reported it did have the same theme as Law of Attractions albeit the fact that either way...I just wasnt sure if the message though valid and positive, was created and combined with an thrust towards maximizing profit, without dismissing the good intentions and good message.

Artsydesigns Artsydesigns 31-35, F 7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

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*Hugs* back to you :0) Have a great week end.

wow, fit2betied;)..thank you, what an amazing comment, wonderful, insightful and says so much, cynicism sometimes blocks one from realization of what is positive and good, despite commercialism that is necessary, and I agree with you very much...thank you ;) *hugs*

"The Secret" Clearly states that ask / think about what you most desire / want and it will manifest.<br />
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So to those who seem unsure, you have to realize that negative energy is just as strong if not stronger sometimes then a positive energy / thought. If you have for years been fighting to make the right moves only to end up going backwards then, it may take some time to change how you verbalize and the energy you send out has to change as well. Just remember negative energy attracts negative energy. Start with in yourself and work on making the changes you want closest to you. A pay raise, a new car, a better relationship with family, friends and your partner or spouse. These are all things we need to have and most desire. the energy and attached emotional energy you put into the secret will generate the out come.<br />
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The universe is mine to control, I bring health, peace and happiness to all I meet. My life is a great adventure I am wealthy and my mind is sharp and focused. Happiness and prosperity abound. money flows to me from unexpected sources. I have $30.000.00 every month to use as I wish. I live in peace with my family and friends and my body is strong and healthy.<br />
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Stay focused on the good in your heart and the wealth of the universe will serve you wishes

thanks all, thantophobic, it was a good movie, and book, however there is that possible realistic monetary view however, its a very positive good message and depends on ones well..thanks for the comment:)!<br />
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brtuck, thank you, hehe I guess bad things are definitely not good to attract:) *hugs*<br />
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Thanks Sassy! I will definitely check out that read, appreciate the tip!:)

If your looking for a great read try "THE SHACK"

So funny, I bought the book, I read a fourth of it, but I stopped because I was skeptical. Interestingly enough, I realized I was practicing some of the ideas without realizing it; for instance wishful thinking, and the like.

Thanks so much for commenting masscharade :)