I`ve been feeling lost for quite a while now. I keep stumbling across things that i think might be the path to freedom....then find it`s just another dead end. Either that or maybe i`m not patient enough and give up too easily!

Anyway, EP seemed to be the way for me lately, then i lost interest again. BUT i`m hoping by talking to people in this group you can help to fire up my passion again for all things spiritual like "the secret". I truly believe theres more to life than what we see on the outside, but it`s knowing where to find ity that`s the problem.

Can anyone help me?

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Welcome to a reality that you are in control of. "The Secret", is the stepping stone to help you understand that we all have the gift of making our world a better place. But we have to start with our selfs and believe what we say. Know that what we say and the emotion that we attach to it gives us the power to bring the universe and its power to us and make wonderful things happen. For ourselves and others.<br />
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I'm glad you have attracted a wonderful man into your life, be thankful for that and all that he can bring to you as well. <br />
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MzSeeker, stated "you're 'dead ends' be pathways to a better future for you". <br />
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A dead end is just a path that so few have tried, that there is no visible route. You can be the first to blaze the trail, Don't be put off by challenges, embrace them and know that by pushing past the roadblocks, we find new pathways to happiness and fulfillment.<br />
The secret, for me is that WE all have the power within ourselfs to control how we interact with the universe at large. No longer do we have to feel small and punie, we can make things and control how our life moves forward. Be healthy and happy, Let the wealth of all time land at your feet and grab the moments in life that tell you "You are special in everyway"<br />
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My life is a great adventure, I am healthy ,wealthy and wise.<br />
My body is strong, My mind is focused and I have unexpected sources from everywhere filling my pockets with money.

my interpretation of "the secret" will probably be different from yours, <br />
but what i get it from it is that we make the choice to be whatever we want to be...whether it's unhappy or happy, frustrated or calm, patient or otherwise, life is you and you are life, you are what you should be grateful for, your knowledge and your energy and the fact you're alive today, and so much more, and from my experience all it takes for me as an individual to change my perspective is by focusing on all the good things in my life&i think for me at first it was difficult because i wanted it to be difficult, i wanted to believe that it couldn't be that easy, i wanted to believe that everyone else could give me my happiness and my joy and my beauty but i wasn't giving myself that,<br />
so my advice to you is that i hope that you find what you feel you are losing and i hope you reach the destination you've been waiting for, and i hope throughout any and every circumstance that will come your way you will remain optimistic, because i admit it is easier to take a back seat to life and let the "chips fall where they may" but it's a lot more fulfilling to take control of your life and do what makes you happy...which at the end of the day is i think everyone's goal :)<br />
anyways may your life be filled with reassurance love and wisdom and may you're 'dead ends' be pathways to a better future for you