The Perfect Sex

As a man with more feminine traits, than masculine ones I honestly feel that women are the superior sex.

Women are more in touch with the world and those around them on an emotional level. I really hate generalising, as there are a great deal of wonderful men out there. I`m also going purely by my own experiences. But, my greatest friendships, have always been with women. I can talk to them about the most intimate and troubleing things. Things that many men would ridicule me for.

I believe that women are physically and mentally stronger. Not in a brute forceful way, but in their capacity to endure pain, life`s hardships and to deal with stress.

Women are also superior in the beautiful way they are put together. I have heard it said that women are all sensual curves, shapes, mystery and softness, regardless of their build. Whereas men are hairy oafs, that are built straight up and down, with a bit of tubing sticking out the front.


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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

That bit of tubing is a very handy accessory :)

Love it, the last bit was eceptionally funny too :p

Bravo, you fine gent. You are a lovely example of your gender, but sometimes those "hairy oafs" have kind hearts, too.

Don't forget we are more mysterious and mischievous than men. When we fall for a guy, we fall head over heel. Our love and sex drive is stronger than men. We are more open than men. The problem if you think its a problem is that we don't take direct approach as men do.

Thanks for sharing this. It resonates with me.