I've Seen Things

Back when I was about forty, I was very sick and on chemo. I began to notice things that I never believed in before.  I lived in Florida at the time.Well here I go, I'll jump right into it. One of my experiences started when I was walking down the road. I saw that the sidewalks just dropped straight off and I thought that it would be better if they made them slanted so people with wheelchairs and bikes could cross. Then about a week later construction workers were doing just that. Then I saw allot of houses that were empty and run down, I thought to myself, what a terrible waist. they could fix these houses and people could live in them.About a week later they were painting them and fixing them up.I  thought what a strange coincidence. But things like this kept happening. A friend and I were waiting for a bus one day, and it was about thirty minutes late. He said where's the bus. I  replied it just wrecked right down there. I was just joking. About an hour went by and this little bus came to the bus stop. We climbed in . I decided to ask the driver  what happened to the regular bus. He's exact words were, it just wrecked right down there.  For about a month, almost everything I said happened. My friends were getting afraid to be around me because of this. One of them even told me to quit saying things, that way they wouldn't't happen. I being the kind of person that runs off at the mouth all the time couldn't do this. This( along with many other things that went on) lasted for about three month. It scared me so bad , I started calling churches about it .I was asking  if they could explain to me what was going on. At the time, I believed in God but wasn'treligious. One of the priest of a near by church said I might be a demon and refused to see me in person. I thought to myself what a swell guy he was. OK, maybe all those things could have been coincidental, maybe not. I will tell you more in my next story . The really strange things that I haven't worked up the courage to tell yet. Have a nice day y'all.

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There are many forces in this world. Some are known to us. Others are not. I believe that, through some happenstance, ranging from supernatural beings (by which I do not necessarily mean God or the devil, but beings from a different plane or dimension. For example, two dimensional beings cannot comprehend the third dimension.) to psychic abilities to you sensing the potential of what may/will happen. And of course, there is always the wonderful theory that time does not exist, that all things occur at the same time, and perhaps your illusion has been broken, so that you subconsciously know what will/has/is happening.

You had foresight (precognitive knowledge) which means that YOU DID NOT make all the things happen that you saw. Sometimes "demons" can be very sneaky, they can make you believe you are "more divine than you really are" by making you believe you did things or made things happen by your own "power" while they were the ones who had foreknowledge of the events, who put the "ideas" in your head. Since you just "spoke" and "thought" freely, the ideas just came to you, when something just comes to you like that without you thinking very hard about it, then it is not your thoughts, but whispers of spirit beings from beyond... The so called "law of attraction" is bull, when something else knew it was going to happen, before you even thought about it!!!

again, yes these things scared me and the people that were with me, they even thought i was jesus, i told them i was not

I am very glad you shared this.

the same thing is happening to me, i started noticing that back when i was over 20. i would get this idea in my mind. the whole event that happens. but from my perspective. stuff would be happening to me or my family. and then week or just days later i would always find out that this exact incident happened somewhere to someone. i started noticing it since it was so familar. like a dejavu. only i knew that was my "fantasy". then i tried to focus every time i started imagening stuff to get an idea of who that is... maybe to try to influence the course of events. but i can't. i can see stuff and then they happen and it is from my perspective as it happens to me and my vicinity only it happens elsewhere

I to! believe you have the ability to see beyond the "normal" realm!! i call it a "gift" :-) My mother used to be able to see things and then a week or a fortnight later it would happen!! (though, my mother used to hate the term "gift" she didn't want to know!!! I had this, type of experience only twice and that was in the late 80's when my daughter was young! and that was it!!!, thankfully!!! :-) <br />
Thank you for sharing!!, my friend!!! :-)