Its Not Like The Movies

Being a werewolf is no where like the movies that make us look ugly, mean and creatures of satan. Cause that's not what we are. You don't just get turned right away when one bites. We aren't bad but were not good. Some choose to go towards bad but most intend to be good. When I see a story about someone wanting to be a werewolf it just ****** me off because not everyone can handle this inner animal that rest inside my body and many others. We do some human things because we learn when were not in wolf form. We aren't monsters or hell hounds. Infact were the closest supernatural creature to humans. I believe some people think that werewolves are the same in movies but we don't intentionally kill human mostly wild animals and hunters. I hope someday people can start to learn how to be unbias about us cause we've done nothing wrong.
brokenedspirit brokenedspirit
18-21, F
Nov 22, 2012