They Do Exist Pt 2

Going to share a few more experiences with you all tonight.

One night when I was 13, I had woken up from a dream. I was awake, but I was laying there with my eyes closed. I heard my door open, and someone came in the room. I figured it was my mother come to check on me,so I pretended to be asleep. I felt my bed move as if someone sat next to me, and they sat there for a few moments. Then I felt a kiss on my forehead, and then my bed lifted, and I heard my door shut. I went back to sleep.

In the morning I went to the living room, and I asked my mother if she had come in my room during the night. She gave me this look and said no. I asked my father n brothers, and they all said no too. I explained what happened, and my father thought I was dreaming but I insisted I wasn't. My mother suggested that maybe it had been my uncle, who had died maybe a month before. He was my fathers brother and. He had been very close with all of us. He used to tell me I was his favorite lol.

Alot of people in my family have had paranormal experiences, my mother n father included. I found it strange that my father didn't believe me when I said things were happening, yet he had many accounts of things happening to him. He believes me more now though now that im an adult.

Every house that I've been in seems to have some kind of activity going on. The only places where I was truly frightened was my mother in laws house, and my previous apartment.

I lived with my man n his family for about 3yrs. We would often hear footsteps in the hallway, and the steps leading upstairs. Sometimes I'd be the only one home, and I'd hear stomping upstairs. I would check for my nieces or my sister in law, and there'd be no one. Things would literally fly off of shelves, knickknacks would fly from the windowsills. I would set something down, go back for it, and it wouldn't be there. Later on, I'd find it in a completely different spot. This was creepy but what frightened me more was the constant feeling of being watched. I would have the feeling that someone was right behind me, turn around and no one would be there.

My previous apartment I had alot of the same things going on. However, I was a spirit there, and so did my man, though at different times. We both saw a man sitting on our couch. Couldn't make out much of his features, but he always seemed to be in shadow. The apartment seemed oppressive as well, like the air was always thick.

The apartment im in now also has some activity going on, but I am not afraid. Ive heard and seen some things but they don't bother me. I kind of acknowledge whatever it is, I'll say hi or how you doing lol. Sometimes the living and the dead can coexist peacefully...
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I had somthing simaler happen to me (someone sitting on the bed) And in my old house I watched the doorknob to the basement door turn and open, except there was no one physically there and that door was always hard to open. Creepy

I've had the doorknob thing happen in my old apartment, except it was rattling like someone was trying to open it. I won't go as far as to say there was a demon there but the spirit was not a happy one.

I heard that when things are flying of shelves,tables,ect, its poltergiest, best to get out of there when those are around. I lived in a haunted house once (I wrote a story about it on here) and it was scary! My VERY first night there, it was just and my Grandma and the first night. I loved my new house and then I started hearing the water running in the kitchen, a glass set down, footsteps in the foyer, a front door creaking open, music, and a womans laughter from my parents bedroom. My mum heard things too, like whispering in the hallway and it was scary sometimes! I know that feeling of being watched or followed too!