I Know They Are Real

I know that vampires and werewolves and several other things are real. I'm not sure what all I can write about because I belong to...... lets say a group. I currently am not exactly supernatural nor am I human. In all aspects I am, but I'm not. I keep coming back lifetime after lifetime and in each life I slowly start to remember who I am and then everything changes. So many rules... So many rules...
I know its hard living day to day and keep your sanity. I'm literally torn between two worlds. The one here, and home. except even there I am one of a kind. None of my kind exist anymore. I've allied myself to others but sometimes I still feel like an outcast. Nothing truly mine. Nothing not tainted by those I would call friend, but were all stuck in it together.
The vampire I know seems to focus on himself and what he wants. Regardless of my feelings or others involved. He has fought very hard to retain his humanity, but at times I really hate him. And the other vampires I have met are dangerous and uncaring and very old.
I am drawn more to wolves than anything because at the base of it all, I think that I'm more of a primal being and can relate to them better.
I know I will die one day soon and I'm not afraid. I'm just undecided on whether I want to come back. Don't get me wrong, I get scared when things startle me like anyone, or when doing crazy things. It's instinctual.
What I would really like to find is another like me, or someone I could keep coming back to. So that one day I could walk up to and say hi, remember me? remember when we done this? and them know it was me. I'm not the only cursed one.
I know it sounds crazy. But spirits, ghosts, watchers or guardians, fae, demons, mages are all real.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

You should not talk of these things - we are meant to be a select few

your not alone message me and ill prove it.