I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life...

I always wondered... Did Jesus really exist?  I mean other then reading about him in the bible I knew nothing else about Jesus the man. His name is not mentioned in any other writings from his time.  Why did Jesus choose to come here to die for our sins?  Why would a mortal man die for so many?  Why do so many of us live as we do, not thankful for the gift he gave us...  which was his life?  Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes through the father except through me.

That's a bold and powerful statement coming from a mere man of flesh.  Think about what he was trying to teach us within those few glorious and powerful  words.  What flows through your mind?     

I am the way, the truth, and life. No one gets to the father except through me.  

Rather then just talk about his teachings, we need to act upon them... bring them whole heartily in our lives each and everyday.  Those who listen and obey, will have eternal life.  I use to say, "Jesus is just a man... just like us, no different,"  He may have been of flesh and bone, a mortal man, but deep within was a most high, supreme being.  He chose to come here to instilled his teachings in the minds of men.  To teach us about who we are, where we come from and where we all will return.

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Great post, thanks.

your welcome :)

There was that Josephus dude and I am sure there were Roman military records of it that have either been lost, hidden or destroyed. But no matter the source of the recordings (though I deem the apostles to be the most trustworthy of people), JESUS IS THE MOST famous person ever to walk the earth.<br />
<br />

In the works of Josephus, the Jewish historian, he writes about Jesus. It's not much, but it's enough to substantiate that He did in fact exist. Personally, I think He still does. :)

I know HE exists, HE exists more than anything else.

I believe in the teachings of Jesus to! One of Jesus main teachings that we are all children of God! and in that respect he is my brother! I am also the son of god! so clear! the prayer OUR Father!<br />
Most people seem to have missed this!

wow! i'm glad that we have common ground!

HE IS greater than us, if we are obedient then HE IS our eldest (ancient) BROTHER but HE IS also our FATHER and our KING and our GOD, we are not HIS equal. If we are the most blessed we can possibly be, we will be bright shining cells in HIS vast body. But we must not get above ourselves.