i'm trying to.. even sometimes i break those rules

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Anything is possible through Christ. God did not make laws that are impossible. It is for our own good. And we all sin. That's why we pray for forgiveness daily.

It is not easy to keep the 10 commandments. I don't go to any church. But have you noticed that church goers don't keep them at all. Especially since Saturday is the day or rest and worship the Commandments mentions about!<br />
Do your best in life and learn all you can. Learn to forgive. It's never easy but it really does help!!

i stopped doing a couple of them..<br />
<br />
the hardest rule to obey is to honor your father and mother.<br />
<br />
but i'm still trying..

I am one that believe in them roles but i know that I have a hard time keeping all of them.