The Never Ending Question

NOTE: This is strictly my opinion. I am not trying to make you question your beliefs, these are simply mine. Please do not take offense.

All my life I have been fascinated with the unknown, such as big foot, other worlds containing life. But the biggest question that I keep asking myself is,"What started it all? What created everything that exists?" For those of you who do not believe in a god or some creative being, how can you deny it? Evolutionists claim that there is no great being, that nothing was simply "just created." But then how did evolution start? What made the very first living cell that started reproducing and, over possibly millions if not billions of years, evolved into us? Big Bang theorists will find that they run into the same exact question: "What created the stars, the planets, the empty void that is space?" All of that can be answered simply by pinning it all on God, or another creator. Or can it? Because then that brings along another question, What created that god or creator? So you see, this question is a never-ending one, and I believe it is one that we will never find an exact answer to. But these are the things worth asking. It gives us even more questions that we can seek the answers to, so, in a sense, these questions give us a purpose in life if you should ever need one. (hopefully you'll have many purposes) Thank you for reading, and I hope to read some good, detailed feedback.
kundogg92 kundogg92
22-25, M
Oct 18, 2013