I don't know many religionsthere even are.... I've read The Bible and I know a ton of Buddhism. That's about it.


I'm neither Budhist nor Christian yet as I learned of certain particular beliefs, I've made a tremendous effort to practice them in my own life and I've been better for it.

Kindness towards others, acceptance of differences, appreciation for life's blessings, beauty of nature, patience (very little).... these things I learned from religion. And these things I value more than anything else. 

Since I was maybe 15 or so, I've been practicing different beliefs that I pick up here and there. And since so, I've weeded alot of really destructive habits from my life. I don't lie. I don't cheat. I don't steal. Your basic fundamentals but ones I had never really had before. I did alot of everything I just listed, actually. Like, alot. ha.

Anyway, I'm not religious and **** but it's definately understandable and respectable power.


"Don't believe anything that goes against your own reason, even if I say it." - Buddha


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Thank you for that quote on Buddha, many a prophets speak in such humbleness that denies their self-importance. Muhammad was commanded to say, "It is not in my power to cause you harm or to bring you to the Right Path", in verse 20 of the Chapter Genie/Jinn (Koran:72:20).<br />
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Your commitment in looking for beauty and wisdom in each religion to beautify your person with, is admirable and a source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

I have to agree with Mello. Her brain is mush tonight.

Don't believe anything that goes against your own reason, even if I say it." - Buddha<br />
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That says a lot more than I could even begin to comment on.<br />
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Follow your heart..