Although I detest labels I just assigned that one to myself as a guide for the angle from which I approach God. Like nourradiance I was born into a Roman Catholic family and as a child, who doesn't begin by thinking theirs is the only mother, theirs is the only father in the world? Soon truth reveals otherwise. It took more than my infancy to see the limitations of Catholicism [at one time I didn't even realize there are so many Christian sects, let alone other belief systems] and when they glossed over Bible reading for memorizing Church doctrine, I figured the time had come to peruse the document on my own. I was disappointed.

After graduating Fairfield U, a Jesuit college, and Boston College [obviously Catholic] with science majors/minors in chemistry, physics, and maths, I came across a meditation group in Cambridge which still operates but has moved, because I had read "Be Here Now" by Baba Ram Das. Yes, the "acid head" from Harvard who was fired along with Tim Leary [who once passed within grasping distance of me at a nightclub]. If I say one of my groups is "I think marijuana should be Legalized" will that suffice? I know some will trail off here. Bon chance, mein freund.

I was looking for a "kundalini yoga" group and man did I find one! This branch and the one I now lean most towards proceeded from a great Guru named Nityananda who lived during the 1900's in India. I hope what next transpires as my personal experience explicates the unresolved "Trinity" concept nourradiance [a brilliant author, I am humbled] stated was an open question. Spiritual energy called in that tradition "Shakti" is what I fully expected the Catholic bishop to give me for my Confrmation Sacrament, but was impotent to do under the name "Holy Ghost" [NOT spirit, as that's how I learned it and refuse to change its name with the PC times]. Keeping Her [Shakti, or the goddess Kundalini] secrets secret, I'll not here elucidate what happened then and continues to unfold now 30 years later. I will say that part of the Trinity [I don't know how the dove figures in if at all] is God's energy which must flow to us lower creatures through a lower human form such as Jesus, born for that specific merciful purpose as God the Son like a battery is used for your radio rather than a solar flare, from God the Father who, as Allah exemplifies, has no form.

Encourage me and I'll continue but if you've already heard too much, I wish you well and will burden you no further.

freeed freeed
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burwi333 - not surprising. There are two Hymns I've practiced and have at home, in English "The Thousand Names of Vishnu" and "The Thousand Names of Shiva", the former names Shiva as one of Vishu's names and the latter names Vishnu as a Shiva name [technically The one who plays the flute, which is Krishna, one of Vishnu's expansions]. That's where casual students stumble. They are unable to get past the "pantheon" and see the unity in the diversity. My guru taught there is but ONE God and I believe that. The other day an apparent Christian beamed when I said God bless, which he said back, but beamed MORE and agreed with my observation that The One has many names but is only One....

it has over 300,000 gods ... so is it ba<x>sed on faith and belief or rituals and practise

amir246 - Actually, not as such did I know, but the Shiva Lingam is a well known Hindu symbol for a penis (some depict it spreading the labia - Hindus are REALISTIC) and Mahalingo is a name of Shiva, the Shiva having a massive [maha] penis [ling/lingo/lingam are grammatical variants].<br />
There is a story, repeat MYTH that Vishnu challenged Brahma to find the end of Shiva's penis. They set out in separate directions but after some time Vishnu saw no end to it and returned to where they started, defeated. Brahma had the same disappointing realization but LIED and said he'd reached the end. For this reason, some believe, Brahma is forbidden to be worshiped since he lied.

Hey freed old pal!<br />
You're still get angry over criticism (mmh..I do too :) <br />
Anyway, psychiclady, you seem bitter for some reason to just jump on the comment section like that. No problem. I think freed and I agree on your last paragraph of your first comment - that we all accept others in their own spiritual direction. freed did mention his aversion to catholicism in his story, but his only explaining his conversion story - how else would he do that? <br />
By the way, your knowledge about muslims (I like that you wrote muslins - must be a typo, thank God) are all screwed up. I hope we can be friends and I'll try to answer any question you have.<br />
freed, anything new in your life? Keep in touch! NR.

BTW, your apparent intolerance of Islam and my stated tolerance of it should demonstrate which of us is more narrow minded. I'm Hindu and also approved of Christianity as a path. Guess your God's better than my God since yours will filter out from heaven all of us who don't believe whatever you do.

psychiclady - where did I say mine was the only way? Nowhere....you just want to criticize that of which you are ignorant - kundalini yoga. I'm glad you have a path, I don't CARE if you like mine. I guess you need to be reminded this site is the "Experience Project". All I did was share mine. You didn't like it. So what?<br />
The Muslims you refer to are extremists; mainstream Islam doesn't advocate screwing in Heaven. At least that is one area of agreement we have.<br />
And if you think my words are "fancy", you musn't know very many, I am not being pretentious and if I'm talking over your head, get a bigger soapbox to criticize me from.

freeed has all the fancy words and has no thought that there is any other way but the one he has chosen...We all have our own path and journey to take and we make our own potholes and detours on our journey...just by being open minded and helping others my journey is a pleasant one...we wont know which "Religion or Leader" is right until we pass through that door way upon our end well so called end.

so many Gods, Goddess, guru and "the leader", "the only leader and true leader" but only one door in the end...we won't know until we reach the other side of death's door. Those guru, mystics, Goddess and other Gods be surprised if "God" said sorry this is my heaven and I am the one and only God allowed in heaven....<br />
<br />
what I don't understand is the muslin think that when they kill someone they go to heaven and can screw tons of virgins---I did not think heaven was about screwing some virgin I thought going to heaven meant finding the answers to all our questions not about screwing or find a woman with 6 arms waving come on in...<br />
<br />
would muslin God want someone to kill someone just because they don't believe as they think they should....all this mumble jumble in religions---I guess we will all find out one day who and what is on the other side. <br />
<br />
I believe in Heaven, in one God and in prayer and helping others but if they don['t believe like I do then that is okay as we all have lessons to learn in life and all lessons are different for each one of us....<br />
<br />
I think divine enlightenment is knowing the difference between right and wrong and having the courage to do the right thing, but also, having the courage to stand up say someone else has the right to their each direction and I accept that we are all on our own path and there is only one door in the end that we all must pass through. that is my two cents worth.

freeed (did I spell that correctly now..)<br />
Sorry for all the miscommunications - obviously someone is not "Zen" enough, and that has to be me.<br />
I supposed you're satisfied enough with your guru, so you are not interested in viewing the other fishes in the sea. I turned down the opportunity of attending Nuh Keller's class just a few months ago(but my husband went and relayed all the wisdom to me), because I'm a bit of a feminist and also I try to be modest and shy, so I'd rather go to his wife - who's a scholar of her own right. She was not present that day. In addition, another guru appeared in my dream, and it wasn't him - so I'm waiting for further signs.<br />
The Sufis that brought in a Hindu guru - that reminds me of a time when I visited a "Sufi Bookstore" in Manhattan in order to do my noon prayer there. Instead I was told that several monks were using their room, chanting - so I had to opt for the sidewalk instead. Get the drift?

The only Sufi meeting place around here HAS been visited by me but they brought in a Hindu guru. I don't know why, but I went, OK?

Sorry for misinterpreting your "confession". It misled even me to thinking it was YOUR story. Thanks for clearing that up. Didn't I write enough words to avoid your chastisement? I didn't say a wise man NEVER speaks, did I? So YOU also misinterpreted me. I said they speak little.<br />
Did you meet Nuh Keller? One should not suggest an action you haven't done yourself. I'm going to write a story to illustrate it in a few minutes for clarity. If you did, where was it so maybe the interested could go. <br />
Most importantly, and maybe this will go against your polygamist muslim outlook, but if a man already has a wife why would he seek another, or maybe easier for you to grok: if a group of women already have one husband, should they seek another? Muktananda was as perfect as I can reasonably expect of any guru [Oh...I just spilled the beans] as he perfectly learned Nityananda's actions. Why would I want anyone else?<br />
Still, YES, I have gone for darshan of every holy person who ever came within my ken, Christian, Hindu, or otherwise. If there were Sufis available I'd see them. Where are they?

Hey freed,<br />
I reckon that to appear wise, we should keep our mouth shut eh?<br />
That's very difficult to do especially for people coming from the Western education system. I beg to differ. There are times when you need to use more than a few words, if your audience are not up to that level of wisdom or intelligence, but within each one of them is a great potential. <br />
And my second confession - it was never my desire to plagiarize Nuh Keller's work as my own, for I fear the retribution of God, and his(Keller's) spiritual awareness of such a malicious act perpetrated against him, not to mention stupid. I had merely mentioned the author's name at the bottom of the autobiography and therefore misled others unintentionally. <br />
So, all those mention of Sufis from your guru doesn't ignite any curiosity for a meeting with one of them?<br />
Nuh Keller is quite an amazing Sufi sheikh. But there are many others - in Western lands.

If I spilt all the beans it might induce someone into "thinking" they had a spiritual epiphany. Once I had a fellow seeker say he'd had a vision of white light when he received spiritual initiation from a Sikh - or maybe it was the reflection off the white garb seen through closed eyes he admitted. You will know if a "secret" happens to you as unmistakably as did I, so no explicit descriptions from me today.<br />
Secondly "A wise man speaks little; a fool soon tells all he knows".<br />
I forgive you, nourradiance, for your desire to make people think another's work was your own. I think I made a positive effect on you by eliciting that surprise confession and that is good. Who'da thunk it wasn't yours eva? It allows me to teach a little more, about the obstacles to spiritual advancement Nityananda called the three K's [in his language this K is "keerti"]. By denouncing your act you've demonstrated how small the need, yours this time, is for increasing one's reputation [keerti] and shown some advancement. I praise your act of honesty. See why they say the Truth always comes out?<br />
Unyielding donkeys would pick a fight over bringing the Sufi into a Hindu story at all. I won't because my guru freely quoted Sufis often [he was so smart] and I learned from him at least tolerance but more importantly that water is contained in vessels of many shapes and compositions. Get it? BTW, Sufis are the "mystical" Muslims, often denounced by fundamentalist fanatics of their own religion. Sad. Glad we've grown past that, friend.

Namaste freed and thanks for sharing.<br />
Though, obviously you still share some secrets of secrets - perhaps we are not worthy of knowing. :)<br />
I'm sorry to request some editing on your part for I have misled many with my story called "A Search for Truth" which is not my story at all, but a cut-and-paste work from a spiritual master, Nuh Keller. I'm sorry to all for this, and feel greatly humbled by this discovery of my lowly place. I am just the stay-at-home mom EPer -nourradiance, a born-Muslim who would never have gone on any soul-searching if I wasn't just born into the religion of my ancestors - but God knows best.

I guess I forgot to introduce the "boys". In my Avatar are the three Hindu gods of their "Trinity". From left to right, let's hear it for Brahma The Creator, Vishnu The Sustainer and my personal favorite Shiva The Destroyer [of ignorance and other things]. Om Namah Shivaya.<br />
They'll be there until I change it on a whim to something else.