Family Values

I really think FAMILY VALUES is very important maybe we all differs in culture because we all have unique family system but i still think that caring our family circles is always the best way to make the relationship intact and as we call it blood is thicker than water meaning still even the relatives sometimes is pain in the ***,you still wish them that one day he or she would be ok and reform.
Family is always the 1st that you keep in mind during hard times or good times because they are the 1st that would feel how your problems affect you and why it would affect them too,so even you sometimes think that your family circles are in different values still they are family and family always help each other in hard times and good times.CHEERS to all FAMILY
tawam tawam
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

i did not have good family but kno others who do and i think you are correct that to keep good family feeling is important.

yes it is no matter how some of the family is not what you expect them to be.

yes it is no matter how chaotic each family still we should help each other and think as one and understand each other.