Couldn't Of Said It Better Myself.

Just a little piece from one of my favorite authors.  The following is from the book, Happy Housewives, by Darla Shine.

  The luxury that our mothers had as girls was that they knew that even though they would go to college, most likely their main goal was to meet a man who could take care of them so they could stay home.  I think our mothers were far more fortunate than us.  They wern't plagued with this unrealistic burden to be superwomen juggling career, marriage, and family.  They knew being home raising family was the most important job, and they took pride in that.
  It's such a shame that society has put this terrible pressure on women-this ridiculous notion that we can work full time, raise a family, keep a happy home, and not lose our sanity in the process.  If you try to do all this, you surely will become desperate. 
  When our mothers were at home, they weren't ashamed because all the women were at home back then.  There were no mommy- and- me groups, because the whole block was a mommy- and- me play group.  The moms were home, and the kids were outside playing.  I never had a play date as a child .  My mother never had to arrange playtime for me.  We played with the kids on the block, all our mothers were at home, and all our dads were at work. 
  Looking back now, I realize that I grew up in a suburban American bubble.  I can remember all the cars pulling into the neighborhood at about 5pm when all the fathers came home from work.  We all went home to have dinner with our families.  We were excited to see what mom cooked for supper.  My mother was always there.  All my friends' moms were always there.  We never came home to empty houses.  We could never get away with anything because our mothers were there to smell us, look in our eyes, and ask us forty questions.  I think the reason my entire group of friends and I grew up without any big incidents is that we grew up this way.  I believe the traditional family setting with mommy at home is important.  How come our mothers knew this but a lot of women today are rejecting this idea?
  Our mothers were at the bus stop in their housecoats, at the grocery store with their curlers in their hair, and you know what? I think they were more secure with who they are than we are.  My mother was always proud to be a house wife.  She never wanted to work a day in her life.  She always said being a mom is the hardest job there is, and most important.  She was right.
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I'm headed to college this fall in hopes of meeting a man :). I always felt like it was wrong of me to think that way, but it really is a great place to meet someone.I don't want a man that I can leech off of, like a lot of women these days. I want a man that can take care of me while I take care of him, our home, and our children. There is nothing I want more than to be a housewife. I'm just having a hard time waiting!

Ah, took the words right out of my mouth! I am eighteen, engaged, and I am looking forward to being a housewife. It's sad that more people don't think this way.

But being a mom (and probably especially being a full time homemaker and mom) has so many rewards, too! In my opinion the rewards outdo the hardship by far! I cherish my life as mother and homemaker and compared to my former life as a full time employee of some company I embrace and value it as a million times more enjoyable!<br />
The hardship is left to women, who chose to or who are forced to juggle career and motherhood.

Society really benefits from having fully 'staffed' communities of stay at home women who follow their instincts of making a home for their families. But I wouldn't deny clever and talented women who really, really want to make careers. It's just that I don't like the pressure on modern women to be warriors and hunters. There are exceptional women and good luck to them, but I think most of us are happy just being home makers

Correction: Being a mom is the hardest job a woman should ever do and being a mom is the most important job a woman can do.

The change has indeed been costly for everybody.