I Love My Life

I love my role. I know exactly what is expected of me in our marriage. There is no fighting or bickering, if I fail to do something I am suppose to do my husband will point it out and I will rectify it immediately. I stay home with our children, that is my job. I don't get to sit on my butt all day and watch tv, I don't go shopping everyday. I actually have a schedule of chores and errands that need to be done. I am in charge of everything house related. My husband does not clean, do laundry, dishes or cook. That is my job, but not my life.

My life is my family. I have the two most wonderful children in the world. I love doing things for them and seeing them happy. But even more, they appreciate what I do. My husband may expect things to be done a certain way, but he also notices and appreciates the small things. He always says thank you and he respects me more than anyone else in the world. He takes care of all the bills and finances, he works so hard but always has time for our family.

Sure, sometimes I wonder "who am I?" but then I look around and see my children and my husband. This is who I am. Some women may need a large salary or many degrees to identify who they are, that they are only as good as their paycheck. Well, I am proud to say "I am HIS wife and THEIR mom."
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4 Responses Mar 30, 2012

Good for you. But some people work very hard for their paycheck to survive. It's not just an identity issue. You're very lucky to have a great husband who you can love and trust who loves you and respects you back. Some single mothers are left to do both the house work and make a living for their kids. Imagine being in their shoes.

I can relate to your story completely. Although it took me a while to get used to this state of contentment. Being able to stay at home and bring up kids and look after your husband in the best possible way (spoiling everybody around you actually) as well as doing all the work around the house and garden is very rewarding, once you have learnt to embrace it and not feel, as if you might not do enough by not pursuing a career. I am at a stage now, where I completely let go of any ambition to join the regular workforce again and I am happier than ever. It is society, which puts a certain pressure on you. When people asked me, what sort of job I'm holding, they reacted surprised if I said 'I'm a housewife and mother'. Most people nowadays don't think this qualifies as a rightful way to fill your days obviously... That's why I always pointed out, that I'm doing the bookkeeping for my husband's business (although this really is only a minimal part time job... lol). But nowadays I'm secure enough to reply: "I'm in the lucky position, where I don't have to work outside home anymore! I'm happy to look after my family!" They still are surprised, but rather impressed than questioning my sanity or motives.

Good for you I was in the "corporate world " for a lot of years and I was miserable now I'am home and happy this is where I want to be ..

no offence, but i hav read ur stories, and r u a guy or girl?