Married...divorced...married Again Only Happy Now

100 Years ago.........Ok maybe it wasn't that long ago.

My husband and I hated each other. I was being strong and independent. I took total care of the kids, worked up to 3 jobs at a time. Got them all cell phones so they could call me at any time, and took them to a sitter if I wasn't at home.

Then I divorced him. Hey there is a surprise. Of course Everyone said I should. You know everyone, they listen to you, barely know him. He travels for his job. Is gone a week two weeks at a time even the neighbors don't know who he is so it is natural. He has to be a looser who your better off with out.

Then the divorce.....Well we have this herd of he comes over to spend time with them. While he is here he cooks dinner for us all. We watch TV together, spend the evening together...
Yep I sucked at being divorced almost as bad as I did being married...

So we talked, and talked, and got back together. Now I am back to the way we believed when we first got married. Before I got so busy being everyone's mom. Being a big shot working too hard. Slowly at first I got the hang of being a submissive wife. Listening to my husband, not to Everyone.

Changed to one well paying job. Stopped being jealous of his job. Let him carry the load that was his. When I let stress, anger, frustrations get too much the occasional stress spanking can fix that. When I get too big for my britches a spanking can fix that too.

My children are so much happier, my marriage is wonderful. And Everybody agrees I have a great husband. I made the right choice to submit to my husband through DD. With his love and guidance things are as they should be. It is not enough to be a strong intelligent, woman with a
fancy job.

For me I am a better person, wife and mother, because my husband cares and loves me enough to give me a spanking when I need one
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51-55, F
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Thank you. Spanking are all about caring and loving enough to do it.

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
you knew that you were crossing the line and were securely put in your place.
all things in their own time.... now it's, 'YOUR TIME" and you're happy as a clam...
good for you.
isn't it nice to feel safe, secure and being a happy camper?

Very nice. Thank you for your positive support

Thanks fot sharing n I think thats beautiful that u worked things out n incorporated spankings in your marriage! Im thinking to do the same in my marraige,I think my wife will benifit from a good spanking when needed specially since she didnt grow up with a dad.thanks again Spnkbooty!

Best wishes! There is a lot of support here and a number of great books out that can help with your journey. We found ours at we get them on my kindle and share them.

Thanks for your support! We definately have had our ups n downs lol.very much like your relationship n im sure spankings will help here:) thanks again sweet dreams n goodnite! Spnkbooty!

I bet the feminists would be rating this story down if that was an option.

I do wish feminists cared enough about others to allow other women to live lives that make them happy. Now that would be advancement

But they don't care. They believe in a certain philosophy and dismiss you if you don't subscribe to it. I know how to treat a woman whether they agree or not.

You are so correct. Militant style Feminists have set us ladies back so far, and taken away so many privileges and joys of womanhood. The most cruelly I have ever been treated was by some of them during a brief time when my husband and I lived in California. I was ever so grateful to return to Kansas where I could once again be a woman and not be publicly bashed for it by my peers.

Congratulations, this is unusual but so wonderful! If only more couples would choose to sit down and talk about their differences and try to find new ways and opportunities to make it work!

I think I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful man who loves me so much.

You are a strong intelligent woman with the fanciest job ever created. And you are at last doing it well.

Wow Thanks!

Congrats on finding happiness!

Thanks Sweetie

I'm happy for you. You just don't hear enough stories with a happy ending.