Our Family Time Discussion

Well the other night we had a discussion the four of us at family time. We wanted the kids to do more chores, and they wanted pocket money. So we came to an agreement.

Miss 8 will feed the family cat, make her bed, keep her room tiday, and do the evening dishes (drying).

Miss 6 will make her bed, keep her room tidy, and do the breakfast dishes (drying).

IF HOWEVER, they do not do 1 of their chores, or there room is untidy, they lose 10c a day for each job not done.

We do not mind giving the children money, however they have to work for it. In saying that also, I will not pay my children for jobs that they should automatically be doing anyway to help around the house, like take out the rubbish, and whatever.

Tell me am i being too harsh or too kind lol?

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

When my husband was living we had some simple "rules" for our 5 children to do in the home. Each one was to make his or her bed in the morning. It didn't have to meet military inspection that my husband was use to in the Navy. The oldest son took the garbage out for me. The other ones would take turns helping with clearing the table and washing the dishes. We hired the lawn care. We tried to be firm but not harsh. The children had homework for their school work and we would help them when they struggled. When my husband was still living he could help the children with Algebra and Geometry and Calculus. I could help the children with their spelling and English grammar classes.

I was 19 years old when we got married and my husband was 42. Because he was 23 years older than me we decided that we would have our babies close so we have 5 babies in 10 years. So I was 29 when the youngest was born and my husband was 52 when the youngest was born. I'm so glad we had them close and he enjoyed them so much. He passed away at the age of 55. So our youngest was only 3 years old when he passed.

I encourage families to have jobs for the children. We did give them an allowance for their work to reward them. We were able to afford to do that. Now that my husband is gone, the allowances and not as much and I try to reward the children in other ways for the help that they give me. My oldest is a boy and he is so helpful for which I am so grateful.

Keep up the good work Mom and Dad!

Yes and we did stop doing that. And now it is working much better, as they know they will get the rewards.

I think it's good that you only pay them if they do things. But taking away money for them not doing their chores is unnecessary. I mean, you give them money when they do something...you're teaching them that the more they contribute, the more they receive. That makes sense. But when they don't do the chores, they aren't taking away anything, so I don't think you should take anything away from them. You should simply just not pay them. If they do nothing, they get nothing.