Kindness Is Contagious

I am grateful that I was raised to be courteous, kind and thoughtful. As the Mother of a 13 year old son I can say that some of the most proud moments of my life have been witnessing a strangers response to my son's unprompted acts of courtesy. I have raised him with the same sensibilities and as a young man that courtesy is inate.

Here is the long and the short of it: life is tough. For everyone. We all have our **** to deal with, our ****** moments. Sometimes we cry inside, sometimes we snap at others, sometimes no one would ever know. The point is, niether you nor I can guess what a person is going through but one thing is certain, it is a different story then our own, and no less challenging. It costs us nothing and in fact pays off endless dividends to take a moment and be kind. Its effortless, takes no energy at all as opposed to disdain or anger which not only has an energy requirement but also leaves a taint on you emotionally.

bmcinnis bmcinnis
36-40, F
Dec 6, 2012