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It's Worth a Smile!

  Should you really take just a second to smile at a stranger or even stop to help someone that you don't even know? Is it really worth it anymore to hold the door open or to even try to spare a few coins in all those bugling charity cases that perch on the counters besides the cash register?

  For me I don't have to ask for kindness is like breathing for me. Although I cannot afford to spare much there is still gifts that I can give, things that I can offer to others and if I absolutely need to even a mere word of encouragement. I cannot find any excuse to deny or refute the fact while there have been times that I have tried to not be kind, people seem to know and expect me to be kind when I confront them.

 So it is an honest truth that I love working in a call center (except for management) as I have more chances to reach out to people, to sooth their anger and sadness by being kind. I love to get a growling customer purring while I know that for at least those few minutes or hours I have made a difference in someone's life, taken away a problem that was bothering them or soothed their fears. 

 And it is the greatest thing for me to hear someone laugh or see a smile slowly reaching across their face instead of the looming tempest. Kindness is the one gift that seems to continue giving even when you don't think it would as well as the one gift that can be equally given by all walks of life!

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

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I marvel at your ability to find within so much beauty and my heart is filled with wonder as I grow in reading your work.....:)

You're very welcome.... Honestly I would think it would be hard to figure out if they love or hate their job immediately since sometimes the continuous queue can make them tired, the coaching they just receive can make the mad or they can be smarting from another customer who "attacked" them *shrugs*. Call center agents have it rough but there are a great deal who do want to help but it is rough on them since of the attack on all sides. I hope that other agents you speak to, though,, are just as friendly!