The Love We Share..

My darling while your away I think of you often, I've received many letters from you keeping them hidden in a very special place. I want you to know you are loved and I know you are truly innocent , you could not have done this horrible act of vilence (murder), we will be together my love, the true evidence will be all laid out on the table, and you my darling will be free, counting the days my love, please be strong until the trial my love, I want you to know what ever happends what ever the verdict I'll never leave you, we will be married, we will be one...we have a bond you and I, a background very see my friend and I go way back I met him at a young age I knew he had issues but so did I , to make this little story short, we became friends and love found it's way for the both of us..
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Jan 15, 2013