I Have Found But Also Lost My True Love


I believe in true love, and in my heart of hearts I believe I have found my true love and I have most likely lost her as well.

When I was 18 I met a great girl and for a month we where together but we were very young and at that age didn’t know what we wanted and things ended badly, but we stayed in contact, and we become great friends over a period of time, but it was hard and took a lot to do it during which we would fight and had some ups and downs, but we always found our way back together, during our friendship, a love grew between us a love that kept us together through some very bad time and but we both kept it a big secret and never told anyone not even each other, then when things were bad for us both when she was going through a big thing in her life and I was in my love and there was a chance that we would lose each other we admitted our feeling to each other but the things in our life pulled us apart, then one night about 4 in the morning she rang me and said goodbye that after she come back from a trip she would end her life, now I am in limbo but no matter what happens I still love her and will love her no matter, where she is, she is my true love and I know deep in my heart and soul and you may think I’m silly but she is the one I want and the one I feel I am meant to be with at the end of the day

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

My friend i know how u feel im going through the same thing right now ppl wont understand they would first have 2 walk a mile in our shoes 2 understand. So hang in there buddy love will find a way.