Pretty self explanatory. Not the kind of love where people say - oh meh gawddd, this guy/girl is so attractive!! look at all those piercings, tatoos and stuffs they are so awesomee! He/she even talked to meeee, i love that person so muuuuch.
But the kind of love where you know each other perfectly, when you can be yourself and trust eachother no matter what, when you take care of each other when you're down... but have the most fun together when happy.
That love where the way you are speaks louder than external appearance and looks, where spending time together is not "forced" or a burden, but completely natural.
That love where the two are together to complete each other and share their happiness, not because of lust, being desperate or needy, where the word cheating or finding someone else doesn't exist, because they're made for each other and get through every discussion or problem with respect, comprehension and affection.

But i guess it's just a fantasy.. time to go back to reality xD
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Aug 31, 2014