!!!!!...a Challenge But A Reward...!!!!

So i Know who my twinflame is. Its abvious he is my other half. Everything he does is almost excatly or exact like me. By the way I always talk to a man in my mind, and later in life found out who it was, it was my twinflame. So i tried testing something out. I noticed when i had doubts about him being my twinflame or i didnt want to admit to it because i was mad at him or at myself, i noticed that he got more distant away from me in the physical realm. It was killing me, i knew something wasnt right. So i tried the other way, believed in him more, believed in myself more. And he keeps coming back, now we are hanging out more, we are seeing each other in the physical realm. We are still having some hard times through the spiritual realm, but we are actually doing really good now. Its getting stronger, and this time its not scareing me like it did before. But i know thinggs will get stronger and i might get scared, but i have to pray to God, to keep me strong. So heres some advice to people on twinflames:) God Bless you all.
beautywithinthesoul beautywithinthesoul
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010