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I met my twin flame about five years ago, I never heard the term twin flame before our meeting. I had not studied any eastern religions or found interest in metaphysical things. The first time we met was unforgettable and I kept thinking I knew and had met him before. He reminded me of someone I had been very deeply in love with at one time... so I thought the fascination was due to the fact that he reminded me of this lost love of mine.  As the years went by it seemed we had such a struggle, attempting to be friends, but with such intense feelings that a friendship was simply no do able. We never had a relationship per say, although, I was often asked if we dated or if we were together. Once while in each others company we were asked if we were husband and wife, when we said no, we were told that we must be brother and sister then. 

Everything about this connection has been different in a million ways and there has always been a strong fear from our egos that seems to keep us apart. The one thing we seem to have is music, its how we communicate... he calls and plays a song for me or in one case actually sang it to me but, always from a private number never wanting to be open about his feelings.  I know its him of course. 

We have a very strong connection and  I can feel his presence around me most every day, we live many hundred miles away from each other, I moved and got engaged t hinking I could put this behind me...  it hasnt worked, I think of him everyday and my engagement is on hold. 

I dream of him often and many times believe we are actually doing work together on an etheric plane... 

I just know he changed my life.. forever, I strive to gain self knowledge and to be a light and love vessel that might be used for others to receive, gifts and information. I have always been a spiritual person but never sought or understood ascension and universal enlightenment.  I choose to live from the heart and not from the ego... its a battle but I am working hard to get there and one day, maybe we will be ready and I will be reunited to him, my other self.



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4 Responses Aug 4, 2009

It is excruciating to deal with the separation especially if you are the one that was left behind ...

I, too, can empathize with your situation. My twin and I know and accept our connection - but we cannot break our ego from the 'morals' of society yet. And it is painful always having a spiritual connection with someone who is physically unavailable. I've often thought of it as a curse, but now I'm trying to think of it as a more of a lesson to learn. In my humble opinion, you have to live life in the now, and just have faith that God will lead you together if it is meant to be. But many twin flames do not reunite for good in this lifetime. So learn with your other relationships. Love abounds - and there are many types of fulfilling love....not just that of your twin. We have lessons to learn, and our own souls to elevate. I'm not ready to hurt my family, and I truly love my significant other although not in the same spiritual way I love my twin. I still have a lot of spiritual growth to do. Good luck with whatever you do - you are one of the few who seem to have truly found your twin......and, unfortunately, also one of the few who must work their way through all this spiritually. Best wishes on your journey.

I feel for you very deeply. I know exactly where you are. I know my twin as well. We met almost 30 years ago. We dated in high school and most of college- but the relationship was too intense for us to handle at the time. I worked extremely hard to make sure that we kept a connection all these years- he married twice and I am married- happily- but recently something shifted and he is back in my life in a big way. <br />
All of this to say- do not doubt this connection- cherish it and work hard at nurturing it. Communication is the key- all walls have to come down- in order for it to work and still there is not guarantee that it will make you both happy- But recognize it for the strong, unbreakable bond that it is and then figure out a way to make it work in your life- in whatever capacity works for you both. <br />
I wish you all the best with it- but I will say this- if either of you have any "soul work" that needs to be done- do it now. and Don't get amarried to your fiancee until you have figured out all of this- I don't wish my circumstance on anyone.<br />
I don't know what is more painful- the thought of living without my twin or destroying my family.

pray and you will have but pray for everyone in this universe cuz every human should feel the same peace