The Type Of Love Can Change...

I believe that the type of love a person has for another can change....but the love itself will never change.

I love my ex. He is my best friend...and over the years, the type of love for him has changed. I went from being totally, head over heels in love with having the type of love I should have had for him in the first place.

I have unconditional love for him. No matter what that man does in his life, i will always love him. For the person he is, to his faults, his weaknesses, his ups & downs, rights & and wrongs, inside out, and twisted.

I love him as his best friend. The person that will be there for him no matter what. Through all the girls that have hurt him, and the girls that will. The one that will drop everything and run to help him. The one he calls in the middle of the night, cause he needs someone to talk to. The one that encourages him to do what makes him happy. Tells him when he is wrong. When he is happy, I am happy. When he is sad, I am sad. When he cries, I cry.

I love him as his baby mom. The one that is proud to say a man that is no blood kind to my daughter, would treat her as his own. And take care of her even through our break up and to this day.

I love him for the type of man he is. Through all of his mess ups, and mishaps. The morals he stands for, and all the right he has done in his life.
MissArmyWife MissArmyWife
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2010