When I Finally Fell In Love

i didnt actually fall in love until my 30's and what i experienced really blew my mind. while i fell in love with my husband, what i really experienced was not at all a creation of his and mine. it wasnt romance or wooing. it didnt grow out of wishes, fantasies or promises. something about his presence in my life at that time, caused me to experience something completely unknown and unexpected. it was like tapping into a bigger thing that simply is. it was a like an expansive surging electrical current. it was the experience of unconditional love and it was much bigger than me and him. i felt closer to the source of my creation than i had ever imagined i could.
recently, research has reported that the chemicals in our brains that cause us (and i would argue, coincide) with our falling in love, lasts about a year. and that was how long that kind of magic lasted.
love between us has grown in many ways over the years. and it has done so despite many odds and differences. marriage really does become a series of compromises. and that blissful state is no longer readily accessible to me. i know that it is still there, and likely an eternal thing we may never really grasp in this world. im really grateful that i have had a taste of that gift. it is my top experience in life.

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You say that marriage has become a series of compromises, If you're happy thats great!! But I don't think anyone should have to compromis at all. With Tori, I live just as I want, and she lives just as she wants, we are together because we love one another. Now if compromis means that you both stop seeing others, yes I do believe that would be a compromis, But I don't believe you should give something in order to get something, Maybe I don't understand the word "Compromis" and I'm reading it wrong, but, I'm glad you are happy!! :)

Good experience


its confusing to me, ive thought several times in my life that i felt that, maybe not as fully but pretty distinct feeling that it was love and it couldnt be anything else. but my mate never felt it and i say how could they not feel it? i guess this is unrequited love? great.

Is there a better expereince than being in love? If so, I don't know it. I think the most important thing is to remember the magic--because like you said, it might not feel the same, but I think it's always there...

The is the real experience of conjugal life. It can\'t be realized before life together or through using our imagination. I absolutely agree with your experience. Same things happen in our life. Just enjoy the time and be happy. Good luck.