The Power Of Love

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove then the hunger for bread." - Mother Teresa

Before I start this story I would like first of all to be able to define love. What is love, how do we love and where does it come from? These are very important questions to consider before going forward. If one looks at it provides a definition. Love is defined as, "

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection; and "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another"."

Makes sense right? I however wouldn't stop there. I would say love is even more then that. Love is something that cannot be defined by logic or reason because to put it simply love is not human trait in and of itself. Love is something even more then that, love is divine. Love does not judge, it has no bigotry, it is not prejudiced, hateful, narcissistic, egotistical, selfish and so forth.

If one looks at the world current status one has to admit that everything is pretty messed up. Earth is full of death, disease, poverty, war, perversion, hate, anger, mistrust, jealousy, suicide, suffering and the list goes on and on seemingly endless. For thousands of years some of the greatest men and women have tackled this issue on the human condition trying to figure out how we can cure our depravity from complex philosophies to visions of utopia. Many people today live shackled by bitterness and anger at their current situation. They wonder to themselves why is life not fair, why are we so screwed up and ignorant. What is wrong with us? The answer is simply a profound lack of love for other people.

Look at every single terrible event in human history, excluding indirect causes such as natural disasters and such and you will find that in that tragic event there was no love. For example if Adolf Hitler had truly loved his fellow Germans would he have sent them to die for Nazism? I think the answer to that is a rhetorical no. Would the World Trade Center on September 11th have been reduced to smoking ruins had those Muslims truly loved other human beings? No none of these terrible events in human history would have never happened if we showed a unconditional love for our fellow human beings.

When you love someone, when you show them kindness and mercy you not only kiss the very souls of those people but you show them the face of the divine. You give them hope, joy, passion and the desire to love others (hopefully!). There is no power on Earth that is comparable to love on any scale. But when you love others do not forget to love yourself as well! There are many times in one's life where we need to appreciate the things we have accomplished in life and have joy in the things we have done.

So in conclusion if you have not read any of the following I would encourage you to do this. Find a family member, a friend, husband, wife, or whomever you find and just tell them that you love them and nothing will ever change that. Just the feeling of putting a smile on another person's face is great reward in and of itself. Thank you for reading this article and I love each and every one of you from my heart. May you find peace, love and joy in your life wherever you go.

- Neil

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Neil,<br />
Agree, indeed. Love and Forgiveness are two of the most powerful virtues for us human beings...they are conscious choices we must make to live peacefully in this world, if not daily.<br />
When you have a moment you might be interested to check out the little handbook by Henry Drummond titled "The Greatest Thing in the World" - You can also order via Amazon.<br />
Or also check out The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis....<br />
Great books on this very topic.

You get it! You actually get it! Phew..... I am very impressed not just of your fluidity and literary skills but your grasp on life skills seem to shore up a great foundation, for the path of living amongst all Gods creations.

Thankyou for the comment. :)

Love is not selfish, it puts all others first. It is that undying ember that warms our very soul. Love can be found anywhere, anyplace, anytime. This was beautifully and thoughtfully written. I was pleasantly surprised that you, as a young man have excellent understanding of this often ephemeral emotion! Congratulations!

@ItsWindy Thank you for your comment. :)

You are welcome! Thanks for the post!

I believe it makes us wholly divine. <br />
It transcends our humanness. <br />
I like the quote: " We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey."<br />
Stephen Covey

i like that. That explains it perfectly, thank you.

Very well written. I believe it is felt with a glance or even just a prescense. It need not even be words or an action. It is far more powerful than our humaness can describe. It is in us and makes us partially divine.

Some would argue that love is not even an emotion, but an action. (I believe there is a bible quote to that effect)<br />
But you are right I think, that love is what binds us, and reminding each other of that is what life is about, why we're here.<br />
I liked your article. It was well-written and profound.

@Quintesse Thankyou very much! I would agree that love is not only a emotion but to actually project love you must be able to take action with it. Very well said. :)